GDBBM – Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: “Revival (3)”

Drunk Lotus immediately fetched the two palace guards that stood outside the doors into the chambers. The moment they stepped inside, they were shocked as the heavy pungent smell of blood assaulted them. They had seen the black beast carry the terribly injured Emperor into the chambers upon its back. And when they smelled the blood, their minds had blanked out, afraid to carry on along that trail of thought.

“For the next two days, take good care of the Emperor. Let him drink a cup of warm water every hour…..” Jun Wu Xie placed a few bottles of elixir bottles on the table and gave very specific instructions on how each and every one was to be administered. Mo Qian Yuan’s condition had already stabilised and he was currently still unconscious. Hence, he will need people with him to cater to his needs.

And Jun Wu Xie had decided she would not be the one to do it.

The two palace guards listened haltingly and were hesitant to ask too many questions. They took every word that Jun Wu Xie said and deeply engraved them into their brains, taking utmost care not to forget a single thing.

After she had left her instructions with them, Jun Wu Xie left Mo Qian Yuan’s living chambers at once, the overpowering stench of blood, did not sit well with her.

Only after Jun Wu Xie and everyone else had left the Emperor’s living chambers, did the two guards make their way to Mo Qian Yuan’s bedside. The sight that met their eyes, shocked them so much that they almost stumbled over their own feet when they reeled from the shock.

The Emperor was all wrapped up with bandages and lying on blood soaked sheets. If his chest did not rise and fall as he breathed, the two guards would have assumed the person on the bed to be dead.

In fact, when they had first seen Mo Qian Yuan upon the black beast’s back when they had returned, the guards had drawn their own conclusions then. They had thought the Emperor….. The demise of the Emperor was about to happen!

And they were surprised to see that his breathing had gotten so much stronger, and did not look like a person that was about to die. Although he looked rather….. tragic.

The two guards were puzzled. The Young Miss of the Jun Family had only entered with two men whom they were unfamiliar with, and they had not seen Jun Wu Xie summon for any of the Imperial Doctors to come forth to provide any treatments. How did they manage to revive the Emperor, in just half a day?

Could it be….. Among the two strange men, one of them was a miracle physician?

The two guards limited their assumptions only to Jun Wu Yao and Drunk Lotus, and did not even consider in the slightest, that the one who had brought Mo Qian Yuan back to life, was none other than Jun Wu Xie!

Jun Wu Xie had wanted to hurry back to the Lin Palace to have an early rest, but she was just about to walk pass the doors of the Imperial main hall when she saw a group of court officials who had waited outside, look at her with disconcerting eyes.

Those court officials had arrived to attend the morning court, but they were driven out by the Qing Yun Clan delegates who barged into the main hall. They were no match for the Qing Yun Clan, but were worried for the Emperor as well. The only thing they could do was to wait outside the main hall, and pray that their Emperor steps out safely through those doors.

But the wait outside had only made them hear a series of blood curling screams .

When Jun Wu Xie had executed the many lackeys of the former Emperor before the Imperial Palace gates, she had cleansed the Qi Kingdom of about half the number of their court officials in court. Those that remained had consisted mainly of officials that were genuinely loyal to the Qi Kingdom. After Mo Qian Yuan ascended the throne, he abolished the privilege of nobility in holding official posts and widely accepted talents from humble backgrounds. Many capable young officials who were previously ostracised due to their lowly births were promoted as well and Mo Qian Yuan won their undying loyalty and unwavering support. These people were now gathered here outside the main hall.

As they stood outside the main hall, they had heard clearly the cries of their beloved ruler, heard the unbridled arrogance of the Qing Yun Clan, and wish they could take the place of their monarch.

Their hatred for the Qing Yun Clan had them seething, but they had been helpless and their inability had cut at their hearts as the screams continued.

And Jun Wu Xie’s arrival had turned things around, saving them from their despair.


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