GDBBM – Chapter 243

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Chapter 243: “Revival (2)”

The revival proceeded systematically and thoroughly, just as Jun Wu Xie had done in her previous life in her countless battles with Death himself. At that moment, Jun Wu Xie’s mind, could afford nothing else but calm.

Purging the poison gradually through the letting out of blood, Jun Wu Xie watched intently with her cold eyes and timed it meticulously to feed Mo Qian Yuan with a blood replenishing elixir, mixed with a little warm water to aid absorption. With Mo Qian Yuan’s severely weakened condition, Jun Wu Xie was careful not to overcompensate with the replenishment of blood, to avoid the slowed down functions of the body in its current weakened state being unable to tolerate any overindulgent replenishment, which will instead result in spreading the poison deeper with the increased blood flow.

The poison tinged blood within Mo Qian Yuan was slowly purged as it dripped from the needles. The bed sheets under him had turned a dark shade of red, and a pungent smell permeated the air.

When the blood that dripped from the silver needles was noticed to have turned a brighter shade of red, Jun Wu Xie began to feed larger quantities of the blood replenishing elixirs, but maintained Mo Qian Yuan’s intake of water, and was to be fed to him intermittently.

Mo Qian Yuan had been motionless on the bed, and his bones which were broken in numerous places did not allow him to be moved much. After Jun Wu Xie stabilised the condition and restored the functions of his various organs, she started immediately on the severed tendons of Mo Qian Yuan’s limbs. The cuts had reached to the bone and was visible through the ghastly open wound. Jun Wu Xie slipped a silver needle into her hands and threaded a line finer than hair through it. The line was so fine that it appeared translucent, and Jun Wu Xie’s hands worked her magic as they weaved through the air, sewing the tendons back together.

That was the first time Drunk Lotus had seen someone who was capable of sewing together severed tendons. His eyes widened, as he watched in amazement, at the unfathomable medical skills his own Mistress possessed.

Jun Wu Xie’s hands moved quickly and steadily and the tendons were speedily sewn together. She changed to a different needle next and worked on the flesh wounds.

Seeing Jun Wu Xie work, Mo Qian Yuan, a real live human, seemed to have been turned into a rag doll. Sew and patch, a simple procedure, but it gradually brought life back to Mo Qian Yuan who had been teetering at Death’s door.

First the organs, next the arteries and veins, then the broken bones.

After Jun Wu Xie had sewn up all the wounds on Mo Qian Yuan, she heaped a quick healing salve generously over them to soothe and close the wounds. The frightful red bloody wounds visibly reduced in swelling and soreness quickly as Jun Wu Xie proceeded to aggressively secure splints all over Mo Qian Yuan’s body, to allow the bones which had all been properly aligned to heal and mend properly.

It had taken her half a day, and Jun Wu Xie had fought tooth and nail against the persistent Death that had hovered over Mo Qian Yuan every second. The sun peeked from behind the western peaks before Jun Wu Xie finally stepped away from the bed.

And looking at Mo Qian Yuan, although he was still rather pale, but his breathing had grown stronger. But he was practically bandaged from head to toe and the tightly bound splints were secured all over his body which still made for a pitiful sight.

“Call in the guards at the door.” Jun Wu Xie’s said with a rather pale face herself as she threw herself carelessly into a chair at the side. Her bottom had just touched the seat when a teacup overflowing with an aromatic fragrance appeared before her eyes.

She raised her head slightly, and looked into the bemused eyes of Jun Wu Yao. She stiffly accepted the proffered tea from Jun Wu Yao and lowered her head to take a sip, to moisten her dry parched throat.

Jun Wu Xie felt she had not taken that long to revive Mo Qian Yuan. In her previous life, she had ever stood three whole days at the operating table without any shuteye over consecutive surgeries, and she had needed to be carried out of the operating theatre.

When she embarks on treatment, her body forgets lethargy. As long as she stood before the target she decides to save, she transforms into an eerily calm and composed, unfeeling healing machine.


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