GDBBM – Chapter 245

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Chapter 245: “Awkward (1)”

They had earlier seen the group led by Jun Wu Xie bursting into the Imperial main hall and watched them kill the Qing Yun Clan delegates one after another, and the officials had all stood gaping, in awe of Jun Wu Xie.

When Jun Wu Xie was passing the doors of the main hall enroute to the Lin Palace, an old man with a head of white hair stepped up to her and stared intensely at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie frowned, and stopped in her tracks. She recognized the old man. Including Mo Qian Yuan’s generation, he had already served three generations of the Imperial Family of the Qi Kingdom. He had been mediocre, and did not strive nor contest, and had been single mindedly upright. That was the reason he had held a mediocre rank that was neither high nor low, even after having served three generations of the Imperial Family. Mo Qian Yuan had considered the old man’s long service and undying loyalty to the Imperial Family and promoted him when he ascended the throne, or he would still have remained a leisurely minor administrative official.

The old man did not possess great capabilities, but his age and his long history in court had won him quite a bit of respect in the Imperial court. He was not known to be tactful with his words and even Mo Qian Yuan had choked on his blunt speech several times in court.

The old man was currently approaching Jun Wu Xie. Currently, she was too tired and was not prepared to hear his nagging.

But before Jun Wu Xie could show her impatience with the situation, the old official had sunk to his knees suddenly before her. His sudden action had taken Jun Wu Xie by surprise.

After the old man knelt before her, the group of officials behind him all knelt in uniform.

When Jun Wu Xie had carried out her massacre before the Imperial Palace gates earlier, although her actions had been rational and she had a good reason to do it, many officials in the Qi Kingdom had felt a little uncomfortable with her. Even after Mo Qian Yuan’s ascension to the throne, they still felt that the Young Miss of the Lin Palace had been too vicious and was not someone easy to get along with.

Today’s events had changed their minds totally, and they saw the good intentions of Jun Wu Xie.

If Jun Wu Xie had not been vicious and merciless, the Qing Yun Clan would have thrashed the prestige and reputation of the Qi Kingdom.

For these officials who always preached on morals and ethics, they could only stand outside the main hall helpless, while they were forced to watch their beloved ruler thus trampled and tortured. The shame had been almost too much for them to take.

The kingdom might be small, but its spirit must grow.

If the Qing Yun Clan had been allowed to carry on with their atrocities, Mo Qian Yuan would not have survived the attack. If the pillar of the kingdom was to be broken, they would not be able to face their ancestors.

The officials knelt before Jun Wu Xie, disregarding their ranks and positions, and thanked Jun Wu Xie in the only way that they knew.

They realised being vicious had it good points as well, as that might be just what the Qi Kingdom had been lacking, and remained a tiny and inconspicuous kingdom.

Jun Wu Xie hesitated a moment, before she understood their intentions. She frowned as she looked upon the officials and said: “I only did what I had to do, there is no need to thank me.” She quickly turned away and left, ignoring the officials behind her.

Jun Wu Yao glanced at the group of officials and quickened his steps to catch up to Jun Wu Xie and his sharp eyes caught something really interesting to him.

The cute little ears on Jun Wu Xie, who had walked off in a hurry, had turned suspiciously red.

Having noticed that on Jun Wu Xie, Jun Wu Yao thought his little darling was just too cute. Her personality just did not know how to respond to a whole bunch of senior officials who were as old as her grandfather, who showed their gratitude in such an overwhelming manner.

She was not very honest with herself and her bright red ears had betrayed her inner feelings. How adorable was she? His lips curled up as he followed her from behind.

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