GDBBM – Chapter 242

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Chapter 242: “Revival (1)”

The black beast carried Mo Qian Yuan upon its back and followed Jun Wu Xie to Mo Qian Yuan’s living chambers in the Imperial Palace. The guards and palace maids saw Jun Wu Xie approach and they all backed off in retreat to allow her passage. They could only crane their neck and observe silently after the queer entourage passed them and entered the chambers.

Mo Qian Yuan’s injuries were severe, it wasn’t just the poison within, but also the various wounds, big and small, that threatened to end his life. It was a rather sticky situation, even for her prodigious skills.

Jun Wu Xie got Drunk Lotus to transfer Mo Qian Yuan to the bed and immediately removed several bottles of elixirs and medicine from her body.  Next, she held her silver needles and applied acupuncture quickly and skillfully on various major acupressure points on Mo Qian Yuan at once.

Dark red blood that was almost black flowed out from Mo Qian Yuan and dripped off the silver needles. Without hesitation, Jun Wu Xie then pushed three elixirs in Mo Qian Yuan’s mouth and helped him to ingest them before she started to tend to the numerous external wounds.

Jun Wu Yao stood smilingly, with his arms crossed before his chest, as he observed Jun Wu Xie’s quick hands and mind while she laboured endlessly to save a life.


[Mistress, the dumb Emperor is really gravely injured.]

The black beast who had carried Mo Qian Yuan all the way to the living chambers licked at its paws. It had felt that Mo Qian Yuan’s breathes were very shallow and weak, and he looked very much on the verge of death.

His bones had been broken in many places, and many of his arteries and veins were blocked. Most of his organs were starting to fail and his untreated wounds were beginning to fester and inflame. All these had brought about a high fever and signs of dehydration were starting to surface. On top of all this, was the lethal poison attacking Mo Qian Yuan from the inside. He would  not last much longer if he was not treated immediately.


[You’re still going to save him? Even if it’s you, I think it will still require a great amount of effort. Why don’t we just push another Emperor to ascend to the throne?]

Jun Wu Xie frowned and ignored the black beast ramblings.

But the black beasts words had made her eyes turn more chilly.

If not for the Qing Yun Clan’s completely merciless and vicious methods, she wouldn’t have such a big headache now.

The former Emperor had stifled and schemed against Mo Qian Yuan from a young age, and he was given Jade Nectar tinged with Wheat Night Flower over a long period which had severely weakened Mo Qian Yuan’s body foundation. If not for Jun Wu Xie prior selfless generosity with her countless divine elixirs, and even feeding him the Snow Lotus’s seeds that built up his strength, Mo Qian Yuan would not have lasted till she got there this time. But, even if a healthy grown man had undergone the same torment under the hands of the Qing Yun Clan, he would not be far from death either.

“This guy here, seems to attract calamities and disaster.” Drunk Lotus leaned against the bed and looked at the sorry looking Mo Qian Yuan, thinking that his life had been one sad story. Even a person as savage as Drunk Lotus, could not help but feel a tinge of pity for him.

His biological father had killed Mo Qian Yuan’s mother and massacred the maternal side of his family, and the accursed father had then colluded with Mo Qian Yuan’s step brother to poison him. He suffered untold hardships before he fortunately mert Jun Wu Xie. His bad fortune had barely just turned when he ascended to the throne, and the insidious Qing Yun Clan came….. Could he be cursed?

“Zip it.” Jun Wu Xie chided. Mo Qian Yuan’s injuries were very severe and she had a lot on her hands. She did not need a flower’s or a beast’s incessant chattering around.

If time had permitted her to, she would have jabbed them on their mute acupressure point.

The black beast and Drunk Lotus quietened down and watched Jun Wu Xie work. It seemed that Jun Wu Xie was determined to save Mo Qian Yuan.

Jun Wu Xie did not stop tending to Mo Qian Yuan, as though the gods had imbued their strength in her, her pair of snowy white hands moved with speed and skill, and the silver needles flew and weaved in the air.

First, purge the poison within, and use blood replenishing elixirs for his loss of blood, coupled with warm water to hydrate the body, and stabilise his vitalities. Thereafter, repair and mend the veins, arteries and broken bones. Leave the external wounds alone for now and push that task to the last…..

The whole procedure and process of the treatment, formed up in her mind, in seconds…..

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