GDBBM – Chapter 241

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Chapter 241:”All For You (3)”

“It’s no use staring at me, I wouldn’t have betrayed the Qing Yun Clan, but you guys are really not a match for Jun Wu Xie.” Bai Yun Xian hesitated a moment, before she decided that Qin Yu Yan was doomed anyway, and there was no need to hide anymore. She then revealed the truth: “Actually, the poison that inflicted Mo Xuan Fei was Jun Wu Xie’s doing, and she had forced the same poison onto me. I had intentionally led all of you to give Mo Xuan Fei a diagnosis to see whether you or Jiang Chen Qing would be able to counter the poison. If either of you had been able to do it, I would have told you the truth then.”

“But both of you had disappointed me then, when both of did not even manage to detect the cause. How could I have told you anything then? Senior, haven’t you always prided yourself on your exemplary skills in medicine? How could you be stumped so completely by a poison concocted by a little young lass?” Bai Yun Xian felt relieved as she got everything off her chest and managed to smile.

The law of the jungle also meant every man for himself to Bai Yun Xian.

She was only trying to keep herself alive.

Even the high and mighty Qin Yu Yan had fallen so hard before Jun Wu Xie, and it brought Bai Yun Xian a twisted sense of satisfaction, but on the other hand, her fear of Jun Wu Xie had intensified.

Equipped with medical skills that the Qing Yun Clan could only dream of acquiring, and having mighty experts of unfathomable strength beside her, Bai Yun Xian would not dare to go against Jun Wu Xie ever again even if she had a hundred lives. She only wished to live, and did not dare harbour any hatred.

Qin Yu Yan could not speak as the pain overcame her, and only managed to stare with hate filled eyes at Bai Yun Xian, wishing she could swallow her up whole!

“S….. lut…..” Trying with all her might, she managed to spit out a single syllable to curse, but at the cost of vomiting out blood that splattered on the floor.

“Senior, I would advise you to conserve your strength, as Jun Wu Xie will not allow you to die so easily. I saw the poison she poured into your mouth, it was all made by your own hands wasn’t it? You should know their effects better than anyone. As long as no one moves you, you will not die from it even after days of its agonizing torment. Jun Wu Xie might be young, but her schemes and brains were the best I have ever seen. Did you not wonder why the Qi Kingdom suddenly had a change of their rulership? It was achieved through the scheme of Jun Wu Xie, who had single handedly plotted it. The former ruler of the Qi Kingdom, is currently still locked in the Imperial Dungeon suffering a fate worse than death. And you had confronted her assuming she was just another ordinary teen. How naive.” Bai Yun Xian could not help but mock the helpless Qin Yu Yan thrashing upon the ground.

For all those times she had been toyed and suppressed in the Qing Yun Clan by Qin Yu Yan in the past, Bai Yun Xian finally got the chance to give vent here in Qi.

Although twisted, her feeble mocking as her form of vengeance upon Qin Yu Yan, brought Bai Yun Xian a sense of satisfaction.

Qin Yu Yan wanted nothing more than to kill the traitorous Bai Yun Xian, but after hearing Bai Yun Xian’s words, fear crept into her heart.

The poison that she had concocted herself, would indeed not kill her within the next few days, but the unbearable torment that came with it was truly a fate worse than death.

The last thing she would have expected, was that her own poison that she had meticulously crafted to inflict the most torturous agony, would one day be used upon herself.

Bai Yun Xian was right, and she knew it better than anyone else.

Jun Wu Xie had not killed her then, but it was not mercy that stayed her hand, but her vicious intention to inflict the most agonizing pain, and to prolong the torment through days before she can fall into the sweet embrace of death.

By now, death, to Qin Yu Yan, was an indulgence!

“Yun….. Xian….. k….. kill….. me…..” Tears fell from her eyes as blood spurted out from her mouth.

Bai Yun Xian looked at her with disdain, and patted Qin Yu Yan on her sleeve: “Senior, you should revel in your own work. Have you not realised? This is Jun Wu Xie’s way of payback on Mo Qian Yuan’s behalf.” She sighed at the foolishness of Qin Yu Yan…..


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