GDBBM – Chapter 235

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Chapter 235: “Fourth Slap (3)”

Within moments, the four expert exponents fell under the Ink Snakes’ furious attack, lying on the ground twitching in convulsions.

Qin Yu Yan who stood before the throne watched in dismay at all that was happening. She could not believe her eyes! That gorgeous specimen of a man had such heaven defying abilities!

He had just wriggled his finger and several of the snakes he released had taken down four highly skilled blue spirit experts and even the mightiest among them, the indigo spirit user, in just mere moments with a single attack!

Where did his overpowering might come from!?

Her adoration quickly turned to fear, and the ever present gentle smile on Qin Yu Yan’s face faded as the fear grew.

Jun Wu Yao landed gently with Jun Wu Xie within his arms, and his attention was on Jun Wu Xie as he fussed around her to make sure that not a single drop of blood had stained his little darling, not sparing the convulsing foursome a single glance.

Within the Imperial main hall, Drunk Lotus was totally immersed into the heat of battle, his beautiful eyes were aflame in battle rage, teetering on the edge of madness. His lightning quick punches were too fast to be seen and every single one of them brought renewed agony to his multitude of opponents.

Encasing your body in a spiritual energy shield?

Highly skilled blue spirit experts?

They were felled one after another under Drunk Lotus’ ferocious and tyrannical endless flurry of punches and all their feeble attempts at resistance looked like a joke.

A lone punch had blasted a Qing Yun Clan disciple’s head open and the blood had soaked through Drunk Lotus’ already blood covered once white robes. The heavy stench of blood drove Drunk Lotus deeper into his frenzy and his body emitted a thick murderous aura as his attacks intensified. Jiang Chen Qing who had screamed for Drunk Lotus’ head had both his arms broken and had been twisted in grotesque angles as well as his vertebrae. He was lying in a sorry heap as he watched on in horror at the descent of Death onto the mortal realm!

Jiang Chen Qing understood now, how Jun Wu Xie, as a member of the targeted Jun Family, could make her way here to the Imperial Palace.

Judging from Drunk Lotus’ prowess, the force despatched to the Lin Palace had undoubtedly been annihilated!

Jiang Chen Qing never would have imagined, he, who had lived half his life, dominating over most people, would trip up and meet his end in a tiny kingdom like Qi, which had been founded less than a hundred years.

Though, no one would have expected, that such a terrifying youth existed in the miniscule Kingdom of Qi.

With his devastating strength, an indigo spirit exponent was not his match, even the non existent topmost legendary purple spirit might just be able to combat on equal footing with him.

All traces of arrogance and haughty superiority had been obliterated along with his body under Drunk Lotus’ punches. He could only lie upon the ground in futility as he saw the others massacred under Drunk Lotus’ insane onslaught.

The black beast carried the barely alive Mo Qian Yuan through the chaos upon its back. Mo Qian Yuan had already been tortured to within an inch of his life, and with the black beast’s jolting dash through the main hall, his insides had threatened to come out through his mouth when he clenched his jaw tight to last the nightmarish journey.

He had held on with everything he had and more, and he must not give up now.

[He’s in rather bad shape, really bad.] The black beast stopped in front of Jun Wu Xie and swished its long furry tail.

It knew it was no doctor, but having tottered behind Jun Wu Xie all this while, from all it had seen had heard, it could see that Mo Qian Yuan had not long to live. The only reason Mo Qian Yuan was still alive was only because the Qing Yun Clan had wanted to know from him the location of the Soul Jade. But his organs had started to fail, the tendons on his limbs were cut, and his veins and arteries blocked. Death was not far away for him.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed when she saw Mo Qian Yuan. She was used to seeing blood, but the sight of the pitiful state Mo Qian Yuan was in made Jun Wu Xie frown unconsciously.

These people were not just ordinarily cruel.

Mo Qian Yuan was almost just an empty shell, and he lived only through the subsistence of medicine fed to force his consciousness. Hanging on in his last breathes, his lips were tightly pressed together. But the glaringly red blood, continued to seep out from the corner of his mouth.

Jun Wu Xie breathed in deeply and looked at Drunk Lotus who was happily engrossed in his killing, and she said chillingly: “Finish it up quick.”

She can wait, but Mo Qian Yuan’s injuries, could not afford to.

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