GDBBM – Chapter 234

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Chapter 234: “Fourth Slap (2)”

Utter chaos ensued in the main hall of the Imperial Palace the next moment. The palace maids and eunuchs hiding in the corner started screaming shrilly when they found that they had no other space to retreat into.

“Hmm? You are coming at me all at once? Fantastic!” In face of more than ten attackers rushing towards him at once, Drunk Lotus did not back off one bit. The frenzy had instead made his adrenaline start pumping. He downed the rest of the wine in the jar at once, glugging down the fragrant and one of the finest of wine before he threw the jar out to smash against the wall. The intoxicating wine worked through Drunk Lotus’ body and his cheeks flushed red as he shouted in satisfaction: “WHOA! Your Lord Drunk Lotus am going to enjoy this massacre!”

“I’ll see how long your arrogance lasts! Everyone! Take his head!” Jiang Chen Qing stared darkly at Drunk Lotus with his jaw clenched. He had never been so humiliated throughout the years he had lived. He could not wait to crush his bones and scatter his ashes!

The disciples of the Qing Yun Clan joined forces with the blue spirit users to attack Drunk Lotus. The black beast took the opportunity to slip through the crowd, but was spotted by two blue spirit users who tried to block its path. The massive black beast proved to be too fast for them as it zigzagged it way past without them realising the beast had already gone past them.

[You fools enjoy your bout with Drunk Lotus! I have specific orders!]

The black beast slunk itself low on the ground, having no intention to engage the enemy as he neared his target.

The lone mighty indigo spirit users set his eyes on Jun Wu Xie and roped in three of the blue spirit users and charged at Jun Wu Xie. They could clearly see that this young sapling of a girl was the commander of the group. To kill a snake, you need to strike at its head. As long as they kill the little lass, the youth and the black beast will crumble.

However, they had completely overlooked the tall and handsome man standing behind Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Yao had been smiling all this while. Watching the screaming foursome who leapt at Jun Wu Xie, his eyebrow twitched slightly. Just when the indigo spirit user was about to touch Jun Wu Xie, he wrapped an arm around Jun Wu Xie and his tall frame soared into the air, his movements both elegant and graceful.

“Do not dirty my little darling’s dress with your filthy hands.” Jun Wu Yao said cheekily with a smile, but the smile did not show within his eyes.

The indigo spirit user leapt in pursuit, his eyes locked on the attractive face of Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao flicked his finger slightly and several dark streaks shot lightning quick towards the four pursuers’ faces!

Once upon their faces, the black streaks took on a physical form. They were actually black snakes about the width of a finger! The scales on their bodies protruded slightly, and were razor sharp just like blades and they were lined with potent poison. The tiny black snakes slit deep red gashes on the faces of the four pursuers and a dark fog continued to permeate from above them and screams of agony escaped from the four highly respected expert exponents!

The flesh on their faces seared as though a red hot iron bar was pressed against their faces, and the pain was unbearable. They then realised in horror that the pain was spreading throughout their bodies!

“These snakes are poisonous! Protect your bodies with your spiritual energies!” The indigo spirit user reacted under the dire circumstances and immediately released his spiritual energy from his body and an indigo glow enveloped his body. The other three had followed suit.

“That bit of spiritual energy and you want to rid yourselves of my Snakes of Ink?” Jun Wu Yao gave out a low laugh.

The four men had released their spiritual energies and covered their bodies in it to protect themselves from the attacks of the Ink Snakes. But their spiritual energies had no effect on the little creatures, and they were extremely quick and agile. The snakes then slipped under their collars and where they passed, a trail of searing pain followed tearing up the flesh!

Their spiritual energies had not helped them the tiniest bit!

Not only the blue spirit experts, even the mightiest among them, the indigo spirit expert had been helpless against the agony from the Ink Snakes.

The Snakes of Ink were small in size and extremely quick and agile. Before they could catch hold of it, they had slipped under their clothes and in the next moment, the clothes turned a bright shade of red, and they fell to the ground in pain.

The man who had released the Ink Snakes looked on, with Jun Wu Xie in his arms, a wide smile on his face, as he reveled in his own work.


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  1. crane-san says:

    I feel really sad for Wu Yao because he doesn’t know Wu Xie doesn’t see him in *that* way (not yet anyway)

    I’m not saying Wu Xie should just love him to thank him, but I feel the poor guy ought to have something more substantial for his happiness.

    eh but ignorance us bliss i guess i hope it all works out *sigh*

  2. Yuki Chan says:

    I wonder how all those clan peoples faces would look like hoeing they were killed by a house cat and a flower lol 😂

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