GDBBM – Chapter 236

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Chapter 236: “Fourth Slap (4)”

Drunk Lotus was enjoying himself immensely and had been caught up with battle lust when he heard Jun Wu Xie’s orders which caused him to paused mid battle, momentarily.

The breather that his highly skilled opponents received from Drunk Lotus’ sudden pause only made their heart cringe further.

‘Did she say finish it up quick!?’

‘This monster was holding back!?’

The group of skilled experts had jumped at the chance to gain the favour of the Qing Yun Clan by just killing a few perceived young and therefore weak hot headed youths, had by now deeply regretted their earlier decision, but it was too late.

Having broken through their ring spirits to the blue level had made them extraordinary figures, and every single one of them had held sway over in their own countries.

If not for the highly regarded and revered Qing Yun Clan’s invitation, they would never have made their way to such a distant and tiny kingdom like Qi. None of them had expected this trip to be the last one of their lives.

The young Qi Kingdom, less than a century since its founding, was seen as totally insignificant among the various mighty powers. Bigger countries thought it beneath their notice to attack, smaller kingdoms lamented the distance making it impossible to invade and their immediate neighbours evenly matched them in might. This had enabled the Qi Kingdom to prosper and build their nation in these tumultuous and chaotic times.

In the eyes of the expert exponents, a tiny kingdom like this, could not even compare with the region and districts under their jurisdiction.

But, it was right in this tiny, insignificant, and despised kingdom that such a terrifying and unstoppable demon had appeared!

Just in his teens, and he could easily kill a blue spirit user. Even surrounded and under the simultaneous assault of more than ten highly skilled experts, he was holding up very well!

‘Was this guy even human!?’

Drunk Lotus was no human, but a pity, these arrogant and shallow experts, would never ever know that.

“Spare us! As for whatever damage we have caused, the Qing Yun Clan will repay you tenfold! Whatever you ask for, we will agree to it! I am an Elder of the Qing Yun Clan! I have countless precious and rare elixirs and pills!” Jun Wu Xie’s ‘Finish it up quick’ had driven his mind to near madness as he knew it better than anyone, the power the youth possessed, and he obeyed Jun Wu Xie’s every single command.

He believed, whatever Jun Wu Xie ordered, the youth would deliver!

The youth obviously did not care about any repercussions of vengeance by the Qing Yun Clan!
Death had never felt so close, the haughty Jiang Chen Qing finally learnt fear.

Drunk Lotus frowned and looked at Jiang Chen Qing, and turned in query to Jun Wu Xie. He did not know anything about these deals that humans made between themselves. To kill or to leave alive, was entirely up to his Mistress.

Jiang Chen Qing saw that his words had an effect, as the youth had turned to Jun Wu Xie for instructions. He hurriedly continued, “Miss Jun, if you let us go today, I will get our Sovereign to treat your uncle’s legs!” He vaguely remembered, the Jun Family seemed to have a crippled young lord.

Jun Wu Xie had opened her mouth to reply, but Jiang Chen Qing’s words had stopped her. Her eyes then narrowed.
“My uncle’s legs, were previously treated by your Sovereign.”

Jiang Chen Qing said hastily: “It would be different this time! The Sovereign had not really wanted to treat him that time. I guarantee that this time, if you are to let us go, I will ask the Sovereign to treat your uncle’s legs for sure!”

Jun Wu Xie’s face darkened and her eyes grew frosty. The icy stare bore into Jiang Chen Qing’s bloodied face.

“Drunk Lotus.”


“Silence that trap.”

Jiang Chen Qing’s eyes widened in shock, and he stared in disbelief at Jun Wu Xie. Why did she suddenly decide to kill him!?

He was totally clueless, that his own words had just just sealed his fate further…..

If he had only kept his silence, he might have outlived the others, although it had been decided, all of them were to die here, today.

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