GDBBM – Chapter 222

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Chapter  222: “Third Slap (4)”

Jun Wu Xie’s frosty gaze surveyed the battlefield, her sight locked onto Jun Xian and Jun Qing and their wounds. An angry explosion went off in her mind.

She had intended to use the Qing Yun Clan’s arrogance as a lesson for Mo Qian Yuan to learn how to be an Emperor, and was prepared to have Jun Wu Yao lend a hand to end the conflict with the Qing Yun Clan. She had not expected for her spirit breakthrough to come just then, and in the time that she had been unconscious, the Qing Yun Clan had brought their assault right up to their doors!

Jun Wu Yao had been preoccupied, with protecting her throughout her spirit breakthrough, and had no knowledge that the Lin Palace had been under siege.

And upon seeing the blood stained figures of Jun Xian and Jun Qing, Jun Wu Xie had only one single thought on her mind!

She wanted all within the Qing Yun Clan to die by a thousand cuts, and not a single one was to be spared!

The young girl and the black beast’s sudden appearance had surprised the people of the Qing Yun Clan, and when they saw the youthful appearance of Jun Wu Xie, they heaved a sigh of relief.

It was just a lass that looked barely fifteen. Even Jun Xian and Jun Qing were wounded by them, what could the tiny young girl do to them?

Among the aggressors, only the exponent with the indigo spirit remained wary of Jun Wu Xie’s sudden appearance.

He had released his oppressive pressure on the battlefield, and all with spirits below the green level should be greatly affected by it. But this little girl had maintained her cold gaze and did not seems to be affected in the least. What baffled him further was that he was not able to ascertain the level of the jet black beast contractual ring spirit whom she rode upon.

The indigo leveled exponent frowned in thought, with his powers, he was able to determine Jun Wu Xie’s spirit level with one glance, but what he saw, shocked him more.

The little girl, at such a tender younger age, had achieved a level orange spirit!?

With her age, her spirit must have just awakened, and within such a ridiculously short period of time, she had broken through from her red spirit to orange!? That was absolutely incredible!

A fourteen year old who broke through to attain an orange spirit, and withstood his spirit’s oppressive pressure completely. He looked at her in awe and disbelief.

“Little Black.” Jun Wu Xie called chillingly.


At the drop of her command, Jun Wu Xie had jumped off the black beast. She might have just attained her orange spirit. But the sight of her family members wounded drove her hatred for the attackers uncontrollably forward.

The massive black beast roared as it leapt towards the Qing Yun Clan disciples. Its first target was  one Qing Yun Clan disciple who was currently tangled with Jun Xian.

The man saw the black beast as the young Jun Wu Xie’s contractual ring spirit, and had not paid much attention to it. But at the moment the black beast pounced on him, he was stunned!

How was it so fast!?

Before he could react, as he realised he had completely underestimated the beast, his neck was broken off with a crunch in a single bite!

“ROAR ! ! !”  The black beast swung its head and threw the head in its jaws into the air.

The dismembered head sailed in a smooth arc through the air as the blood flow trailed in its wake. The fresh warm blood splattered on the other Qing Yun Clan disciples.

It had happened too fast, and they did not expect, that a ring spirit that possessed an unascertained level was capable of such speeds in its attacks!

“Today, none of you will leave alive.” Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and released her newly attained orange spirit to its fullest extent.

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