GDBBM – Chapter 221

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Chapter  221: “Third Slap (3)”

“My next strike, will take your life.” Long Qi said with narrowed eyes, in provocation at the Qing Yun Clan disciple.

The man’s face darkened, unable to believe he was wounded by Long Qi.

“It‘s time to stop playing games, we should not waste our time with these trash. We should accomplish the Eldest Miss’ orders first before we take out time to amuse ourselves with them.” Seeing his comrade wounded, another disciple of the Qing Yun Clan stepped up to interject.

They had spent quite some time fooling around, they did not have much more time to waste.

“Do not kill that miserable mongrel , I need him alive as a test subject for some drugs…..” The wounded disciple said in a low voice, and shot Long Qi a venomous look.

“As you wish.”

The next moment, the four disciples of the Qing Yun Clan rushed at Long Qi.

Suddenly, he found himself under the attack of four green leveled spirits and Long Qi could not even afford the time to breathe.

A shrill screech sounded from above them, the Bone Crushing White Owl swooped in from the gates of the Lin Palace, and a tall slender form trailed in its wake!

“Father, I can’t hold back anymore.” Jun Qing had said the moment he made his move.

Long Qi was like a brother to him, and that brother was fighting to protect him. It was impossible for him to watch on while his brother fought for him.

Jun Xian sighed, but a flame lit in his eyes.

“Let’s not hold back! Rui Lin Army to arms! Kill them all!” At Jun Xian’s roaring command, the Rui Lin Army soldiers rushed at the ten men of the Qing Yun Clan!

The battle among hundreds of men raged in seconds, and the six men who had watched on silently made their move!

Jun Xian’s fears had materialised, the six men might have been elderly, but their prowess and skills were above the four disciples! Five blue streaks of spiritual energies shot across the sky, and among them, a lone indigo streak stood out!

Just a level shy of the purple spirit, the mighty indigo spirit!

The moment the indigo light appeared, all Rui Lin Army soldiers felt an immense pressure upon them!

The might of the indigo spirit, caused all whose spirits were below green to have difficulty breathing. They were robbed of their ability to battle, and some could not even walk.

The indigo spirit glow emanated from head to toe on an elderly man with a greyish white beard. He held his hands behind his back and stood behind everyone, his wise eyes surveying the battle, his brow slightly furrowed.

The Qing Yun Clan had mobilized two indigo spirit exponents. One of them had gone with Jiang Chen Qing and Qin Yu Yan to the Imperial Palace to settle their scores with Mo Qian Yuan, and the other one stood before the gates of the Lin Palace!

Under the indigo spirit’s oppressive pressure, the Rui Lin Army soldiers were largely incapacitated. Only Long Qi, Jun Xian, Jun Qing and a few more struggled in defiance. But they faced four high leveled green spirits and five overwhelming blue spirits at the same time!

Things could not get any worse!

The Jun Family were in a very tough battle, big and small wounds started opening up all over their bodies. The heavy stench of blood pervaded the air, further stifling the resistance they put up.

Right at that moment, a ear splitting roar cracked through the air!

A massive black streak rushed out from the gates of the Lin Palace, and a tiny figure sat, perched high upon its back.

“Who dares harm my Grandfather and Uncle!!?” Her bitter cold voice shot right into the ears of the men still in the frenzy of battle, and they subconsciously turned to see the source of that voice.

They saw a majestic black beast, with a peerlessly beautiful girl perched upon it, and her eyes stood out, bitingly cold!

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*Here’s a rainbow to help you visualize the various levels … heehee

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