GDBBM – Chapter 220

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Chapter  220: “Third Slap (2)”

“Since they insist on doing this the hard way, let’s not waste time here. Capture the useless one first, I don’t believe Lin Palace would refuse to hand over the Soul Jade then.” Two of the Qing Yun Clan disciples discussed their plans openly, totally disregarding the presence of the furious Rui Lin Army soldiers and the Jun Family’s father and son.

The ‘useless one’ that they were referring to was none other than Jun Qing who was seated in the wheelchair.

Jun Qing’s eyes grew bloodshot red then, how he yearned to rush up to the two despicable scoundrels and have a glorious fight to the death!

They had not attempted to negotiate nor made any requests. The Qing Yun Clan had come to their gates and attacked without warning. Scattered in front of the gates, many soldiers still lay on the ground gravely injured. They had been hurt by the Qing Yun Clan’s merciless assault, their lives still hanging by a thread!

They had heard of the tyranny of the Qing Yun Clan, and having faced them personally today, the stories they heard of the topmost clan rang glaringly true!

“Do not push us too far!” The Rui Lin Army soldiers gripped their sabres in fury, standing protectively in front of Jun Xian and Jun Qing.

They might not be as strong in might as the disciples of the Qing Yun Clan. But their loyalty was not to be questioned!

“If you want to get to my lord, it will have to be over my dead body!” Long Qi stepped to the fore, alone, a cold gleam ran down his sword as he held it horizontally in front.

“Ha ha ha.” The Qing Yun Clan disciple laughed. His laughter was directed sneeringly at an opponent he deemed too weak to stand up to him.

“You? You think you can stop us? If you come seeking death, we’ll grant you your wish. Rest assured, when you guys are dead, I will make sure to step on every one of your bodies, and drag your useless cripple of a lord to the ground, so he can grovel at my feet and plead for his life.”

His insulting tone was felt strongly, like a sharp knife had sliced across the hearts of every single one of the Rui Lin Army soldiers.

The one they had pledged loyalty and devotion to, cannot be subject to such humiliation!

Long Qi shot forward, with sword in hand, the gleam on the sword trailed like lightning that struck at the man who spewed those words that humiliated Jun Qing!

The disciple of the Qing Yun Clan did not back off, and faced Long Qi’s attack squarely. He held two cutlasses in his hands, a manifestation of his weapon spirit. At the moment Long Qi’s sword neared, he crouched down, to avoid the killing thrust, and his agile body flashed to at side, and a cutlass edge bore down towards Long Qi’s body!

In a moment, Long Qi was fully engaged in his fight with the man.

The other Qing Yun Clan disciples stood by and watched on. They were confident the fight will end the same way the previous bouts. It will end up in humiliation for the Rui Lin Army again.

Moments later, those smiles faded.

Long Qi braced himself for the attack of the two cutlasses. When both blades were stabbed into his left and right shoulders, he exerted his energies to expand his shoulder muscles to trap and lock down both cutlasses. Disregarding the staggering pain in his shoulders, and with a loud roar, he thrust his sword at the heart of his opponent!

“Damn!” The Qing Yun Clan disciple had never encountered an opponent who fought with such blatant disregard for his own life. In order to dodge, he released his hold on the weapons and as a result, Long Qi’s sword scored a hit on his opponent’s left arm.

Having fought tens of opponents, the Qing Yun Clan had not sustained a scratch. He stared at Long Qi, who had caused his blood to flow. The twin cutlasses had reverted to its insubstantial form when he released them and escaped from Long Qi’s entrapment. Now, the twin blades had returned and coalesced within his hands.

Long Qi straightened himself and stood where he was. Blood flowed from the wounds on his shoulders, but he did not bother about it. His heart stopping gaze, stared at the disciple of the Qing Yun Clan, daggers in his eyes.


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