GDBBM – Chapter 217

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Chapter  217: “Breakthrough (5)”

Jun Wu Xie raised her head, and looked at the tyrannical Soaring Serpent. In those shiny black eyes, was a sea of calm.

Jun Wu Xie sat down and crossed her legs in meditation in the darkness, having no intention to combat the Soaring Serpent.

The Soaring Serpent’s arrogance flared, infuriated upon seeing the tiny human soul calmly sit before its majestic presence, seemingly unaffected when she should be cowering in fear.

“You! Aren’t you afraid that I’ll shred you to pieces?” The Soaring Serpent roared.

Jun Wu Xie opened her eyes, completely calm.

“You are in my body, how will you shred me up?”

The Soaring Serpent was stumped. This little lass, wasn’t she being a little too level headed?

It had not been aware of where it was now, but with Jun Wu Xie’s statement, it noticed a significant difference in the air that was different from before….. it was obviously now in the lower three realms!

Within the lower three realms, no contractual ring spirits had even gone beyond the seven levels, not to mention the appearance of one as mighty as it was. Should this human soul not have been frightened senseless and lose her sanity upon laying her eyes on it’s overwhelming presence?

Moreover, how did she know they were inside her body now?

“How do you know?” The Soaring Serpent was stupefied by Jun Wu Xie’s calm demeanor.

Jun Wu Xie had just closed her eyes again when the Soaring Serpent spoke. She opened them again and said impatiently: “You are not the first spirit to have entered, so do not create such a ruckus.”

For anybody else, during their first time absorbing a spirit body, they would have been rather panic stricken, but such encounters to Jun Wu Xie, were not unfamiliar to her.

When the little black cat had fused with her, it had been just like now. This seemingly dark world, was a space within her soul. Her current appearance was just a figment evolved from her soul, just as the Soaring Serpent was. The first time she had come to this space, and saw little black cat for the first time, Jun Wu Xie had experienced the panic and helplessness, but this space had become one that she was familiar with now!

In this dark space within her soul, it was impossible for any unfamiliar souls to cause or inflict harm upon her. All she needed to do now, was to quiet down, and use this space to chip at and divide the Soaring Serpent’s soul bit by bit for its absorption.

The importance of experience!

It was a complete victory by Jun Wu Xie!

The Soaring Serpent stared at Jun Wu Xie sitting calmly on the ground, dumbstruck. It could feel its own soul gradually being digested bit by bit into this lightless space.

The Soaring Serpent lost its cool!

The great Soaring Serpent was to be devoured by a tiny insignificant little lass!?

“Wait! You can’t!” The Soaring Serpent pleaded, it did not want to be devoured!

If it was not for that terrifying man, it would not have sunk so low…..

Jun Wu Xie ignored the cries of the Soaring Serpent, and focused on breaking down the Soaring Serpent’s soul and patiently absorbing it little by little.

Upon being drawn in, the Soaring Serpent had lost any chance of escape. In here, it was only if Jun Wu Xie’s soul backed down, that the Soaring Serpent could escape, if not, it could only accept the fate of being devoured.

Jun Wu Xie had lost track of time when she finally opened her eyes from her meditation. What met her eyes was not the endless darkness, but the familiar sight of her room.

A mischievous voice tinged with a hint of relief sounded from above her head suddenly. “I knew you could do it, and you would be fine.” Having said that, Jun Wu Yao turned the petite figure within his arms around to face him.

Jun Wu Xie’s face was beaded with crystal clear drops of perspiration. Her big round eyes were not fully opened, having not fully awakened. When she became aware of Jun Wu Yao in front of her, she straightened herself and subconsciously looked down at her palm, which emanated an orange glow of spiritual fire.

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