GDBBM – Chapter 218

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Chapter  218: “Breakthrough (6)”

The orange glow of her spirit energy, gathered into flames. Bright and radiant, the shade of orange reflected in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, igniting a ripple of joy and surprise.

“I broke through.” She gasped softly.

“Yes you did, my darling.” Jun Wu Yao planted a light kiss on her forehead, happy to just lightly taste her joy.

His little darling had only recently changed her attitude towards him and he did not want to risk breaking the up beautiful atmosphere between them.

Jun Wu Xie had taken less time than he had expected, and it seemed the process of absorbing the Soaring Serpent had not brought her any difficulties.

He had his eye set on an amazing one!

Advancing from red to an orange spirit, Jun Wu Xie had taken a mere few months. She had shrank the years needed by an average person to such extents, which was absolutely unbelievable.

On the other hand, if Jun Wu Yao had not prepared in advance, Jun Wu Xie might not have achieved a breakthrough so easily.

“You have attained the orange level spirit, the spirit energy required for cultivation and development will increase in folds. You are still young, and there is no need to rush.” Jun Wu Yao raised his hand to smoothen her hair.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head, the first Snow Lotus had already fully blossomed. After the Snow Lotus bloomed, the spiritual energy they provided decreased. Fortunately, in the past few months, Little Lotus had nurtured a few Snow Lotus seeds and she had enough to use for the moment.

According to the written records in the ancient book, if water from the Heavenly Spring were to be used, the Snow Lotus needed only a month to bloom, which will overshadow the effects that Jade Nectar gave.

Having successfully achieved her breakthrough, Jun Wu Xie was in no hurry to continue with her development and cultivation. While she had absorbed the Soaring Serpent, three days had passed. And in these three days, the changes within the Imperial City had been devastating!

The Qing Yun Clan had disregarded the Imperial Family and had forcefully broken into the Royal Tomb and dug up Jun Gu’s grave.

But no matter how they searched, they found no trace of the Soul Jade. They were about to blow the whole place up!

Jun Wu Xie had not even the time to freshen up before she heard a series of ear splitting explosions. She frowned and grabbed some clothes to cover her from the ravages of the past three days and strode immediately out the door.

“Little Black!”

The little black cat laid just outside the door and upon hearing its Mistress’ call, it transformed into its black beast form and carried Jun Wu Xie upon its back and rushed towards the source of the explosions.

Jun Wu Yao walked out unhurriedly from the room, and his smile faded as he saw the hurried back of Jun Wu Xie.

Who were the insolent tiny insects that dared disrupt the rest of his little darling…..

His dark black eyes gradually tinged with a dangerous violet, and the air in the courtyard hung heavy and suffocating. A shadow who had been hidden in the shadows was stung by Jun Wu Yao’s anger and appeared in a flurry, and knelt before him.

“My Lord!”

“Who was it?” Jun Wu Yao’s mouth was a cold hard line.

“It’s those guys from the Qing Yun Clan.”

“Good. They seem to enjoy toying with death, I shall show them how I play.” Jun Wu Yao’s laughter was chilling. A movement caught the corner of his eyes, and Jun Wu Yao turned his dark violet eyes upon the clambering Little Lotus by the lotus pond.

Little Lotus felt the vicious stare and a shock ran through his entire body. He was minding his own business cultivating within the lotus pond when Jun Wu Yao’s shock wave of anger had caused pains and aches all over his little body. He had transformed into human form to escape from here but it seemed like a Great Demon had his eye on him.

“Get me a jar of Jade Moon.” Jun Wu Yao stood staring at Little Lotus, as he commanded the shadow at his side.

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