GDBBM – Chapter 216

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Chapter  216: “Breakthrough (4)”

That was the spirit energy of an unfamiliar spirit, it was completely tyrannical, and filled with marauding destructive power. The moment Jun Wu Xie started to draw in the spirit, her mind had become chaotic and her nerves had felt like they were about to snap in the next moment!

Sweat beads formed on her body and her clothes were soon drenched.

Pain felt in the soul was indescribably tormenting, far worse than any physical pain ever felt.

Jun Wu Xie was never averse to pain, but the torment she was under, made her turn pale.

Physical pain could drive a person to a momentary faint, but the agony from the torture of the soul would never make one lose consciousness. When a person’s soul is under torture, his consciousness would in fact be heightened. At that moment, Jun Wu Xie’s senses were heightened and amplified so much that a gentle tap on her would have felt like a boulder that had smashed on her.

The petite body within his arms grew hot and the colour drained from her face. Jun Wu Yao did not do anything besides carefully cradling Jun Wu Xie within his embrace.

He knew very well, any touch on her now will only be harmful and agony to Jun Wu Xie.

Her soul was under merciless assault, Jun Wu Xie gritted her teeth in defiance. Most people might not had had the chance to experience this agonising torment throughout their lives, but she was no stranger to it.

When the little black cat’s soul had merged with hers, she had experienced this indescribable agony.

She had been very young then. When she got off from the operating table, she had lost her human form. Now that she was once again feeling the familiar pain, there was no fear nor dread in her heart.

If she was not afraid of death, this was nothing.

Jun Wu Xie’s defiant streak was stoked, she did not back down, and increased the speed to draw in the spirit.

Kill me if you can, if not, stay down and get devoured!

The Soaring Serpent’s soul thrashed and bashed, refusing to be absorbed by a human. But the spirit barrier totally shut off all his avenues of escape, and under the man’s guidance, he was gradually being drawn into the little human girl’s body!

The Soaring Serpent launched a frenzied attack on Jun Wu Xie’s soul. Humans had weaker souls and he believed that by destroying the little lass’ soul, he would be able to escape!

But Jun Wu Xie’s soul had turned out to be more resilient than it had thought. No matter how he attacked, her seemingly weak and tiny soul had not given in an inch, and had shown absolutely no sign of dissipation.

When Jun Wu Xie had fully drawn in the soul of the Soaring Serpent into her body, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes remained shut.

Her consciousness had fallen together with her soul into an abyss of darkness.

She saw within the darkness, a huge fearsome beast.

It was as enormous as the massive dragons of legend. It’s body was one of a snake, but was endowed with a pair of wings with hooked claws. Its wings were flapping, and it suspended the huge serpent as it hovered in mid air.

Since Jun Wu Xie’s rebirth, among the bestial spirits she had seen, the Golden Lion had been the biggest. But with the Soaring Serpent before her eyes, it’s head alone was more massive than the Golden Lion itself! It’s dominating presence spread as it flaunted its strength.

“Insolent human! You would attempt to devour my soul!?” The Soaring Serpent looked down from its elevated viewpoint, at the tiny Jun Wu Xie on the ground. Jun Wu Xie’s soul was so tiny that a single fang in its mouth was bigger than her!

Jun Wu Xie raised her head, and looked at the tyrannical Soaring Serpent. In those shiny black eyes, was a sea of calm.

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