GDBBM – Chapter 215

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Chapter  215: “Breakthrough (3)”

Looking at Jun Wu Xie’s expression of confusion, Jun Wu Yao could not bear but to pull her into his arms, his chest against her back and rested his chin on her head. Jun Wu Yao cupped Jun Wu Xie’s hands together and placed a palm sized crystal ball in them.

“I have already prepared the contractual ring spirit for you and placed it in there.” Jun Wu Yao said smiling.

Jun Wu Xie stared at the crystal ball in her hands, it was sparkling clear and you could see through it. Upon closer inspection, she noticed there was something more inside. A trail of light seemed to swirl within and the light seemed to be alive.

“That’s a contractual spirit within?” The ball’s surface will cold and hard and felt just like beautiful crystal, but different. She could not identify what material that was.

“It is called a Spirit Prison, it is used to confine spiritual bodies. Two hours after a contractual ring spirit’s master dies, they return to the spirit world. Capturing the contractual ring spirits has to be carried out within that time. Trap them within the Spirit Prison and they will not be able to escape.” Jun Wu Yao’s mind was not on the Spirit Prison, he had it prepared when he first discovered Little Lotus as he believed that his little darling will need it one day.

“What kind of a contractual ring spirit is in here?” Jun Wu Xie asked as she peered into the Spirit Prison. The swirling stream of light was another form of the spirit body when trapped, and its original form was not visible now.

“Soaring Serpent.” Jun Wu Yao replied through narrowed eyes. It was an ancient spiritual beast that was born at the beginning of time when the heavens and earth were created.

“Although completely absorbing the Soaring Serpent would be difficult with your current powers, but the first contractual ring spirit that you absorb is of paramount importance. Do not worry, I will help you with the breakthrough. Remember, no matter how painful it becomes, you will have to persist and hold on. Once the absorption begins, you cannot give up on it or you will be engulfed by the spirit that you wanted to devour.” Making a red level spirit absorb such a powerful contractual ring spirit like the Soaring Serpent was risky, but Jun Wu Yao did not want any other alternatives.

For people with plant spirits, the first time they went through a spirit level breakthrough, the contractual ring spirit they absorb was fused into the spirit energy of the person. This was the most complete ring spirit that Jun Wu Xie could absorb and Jun Wu Yao did not want Jun Wu Xie to miss out on the opportunity.

The Soaring Serpent might be powerful, but its power would bring Jun Wu Xie’s future development to greater heights.

It was worth the risk.

WIth him around, his little darling will be fine.

“You, trust me?” Jun Wu Yao asked.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly and she realised she could not see Jun Wu Yao who was behind her and answered affirmatively.


Jun Wu Yao was ecstatic. Jun Wu Xie who had lowered her walls towards him made him want to hold her tight in his arms all the more.

“Open the Spirit Prison.”

Jun Wu Xie followed Jun Wu Yao’s instructions and placed her hands on the top and bottom of the Spirit Prison and turn them in opposing directions at the same time. The perfectly seamless crystal sphere turned under her hands, and the struggling Soaring Serpent within found its only avenue of escape and pushed its spirit out through the tiny crack.

“Do it now! Like you do daily with the Snow Lotus’s spirit energy, draw in the Soaring Serpent’s spirit into your body but do not be hasty. Slowly let its spirit meld into your veins and arteries, and refine it bit by bit.” Upon the release of the Soaring Serpent, Jun Wu Yao had immediately set up a powerful spirit barricade around him, to entrap and seal the escaping ring spirit within.

Jun Wu Xie closed her eyes, and began to draw in the soul of Soaring Serpent into her body.

When it began, Jun Wu Xie felt an exceedingly violent spirit, rampaging within her body!


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