GDBBM – Chapter 214

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Chapter  214: “Breakthrough (2)”

The black fog spread around Jun Wu Xie as it gradually thinned and disappeared. With the thin black fog’s dissipation, a red glow started to emanate from Jun Wu Xie’s body. The red glow came from inside her and under her fair skin, her veins, arteries and blood vessels were visible, as they pulsated with a red glow.

“The spirit power within you has reached it’s optimum within its boundaries. But the methods adopted to cultivate a plant spirit are unlike other contractual spirits. To achieve a breakthrough, it requires something else, besides spirit energy.” Jun Wu Yao said through narrowed eyes.

“What does it need?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“Contractual spirit.”


“Plant spirits’ spirit energies are like the growth of all living things, constant and endless. But it lacks the brute force required for a breakthrough of the level barrier. If you want a breakthrough, you will need to absorb other contractual spirits, and use its power to help you achieve it.” Jun Wu Yao explained.

Jun Wu Xie was stunned. “Me? Absorb spirits?”

His suggestion was just preposterous.

“Do you know why there was never a single plant contractual spirit here?”

“Why?” Jun Wu Xie was curious. Since she was reborn, she had not heard of another plant contractual spirit.

At least throughout her inherited memories, this world had only two types of contractual spirits. One was the weapon type contractual spirit, and the other type was the beast type contractual spirit. Little Lotus was the first and only plant spirit that she knew of.

Jun Wu Yao laughed, and explained further: “Before contractual spirits and people establish a link, they choose a suitable contractual spirit based on their physique and their bodily constitution. Under the skies, people who can absorb the spirit energy of contractual spirits are few and far between and plant spirits almost never descend to the world. If an occasional one appears, his master would not know how to achieve a breakthrough to the next level and it becomes a useless spirit. There were also people who did not even realise the awakening of their spirits and lived through a mediocre life dragging their plant spirit along carelessly.”

He had omitted one fact, and that was…..

The skies he had mentioned, only comprised of the skies in the lower three realms that Jun Wu Xie inhabited in, and not the real vast skies that he knew of.

“But you are different, you have a duo spirit constitution. Your little black cat has the ability to devour contractual spirits, and you can too.” Jun Wu Yao stood up, and walked over to stand before Jun Wu Xie. As he uttered the last word of his statement, he pointed his finger at Jun Wu Xie’s forehead.

“If you want to breakthrough, then devour a contractual spirit.”

Jun Wu Xie tilted her head to look past the finger on her forehead and saw the handsome face of Jun Wu Yao as he gave her an enigmatic devilish smile.

He knew! He knew little black cat’s soul was fused with hers!

“The stronger the spirit you devour, the more it will help with your breakthrough to the next level. Do not squander this opportunity for your breakthrough, and it will bring you unexpected results.” Jun Wu Yao lowered his head and the finger pressed upon her forehead and slid slowly down her nose, till it came to her tiny sharp chin. He hooked his finger under her chin and raised her head to look into her eyes before he said: “You don’t have to worry about it, as a big brother, I will prepare everything necessary for your first spirit level breakthrough. You will just have to absorb it and it will be done.”

The contractual spirit that plant spirits absorb the first time they achieve a breakthrough had enormous repercussions on the human masters. Jun Wu Yao did not want Jun Wu Xie to haphazardly pick a useless spirit to devour.

His little devil only deserved the very best!

“How do I absorb it?” Jun Wu Xie had no knowledge in this regard. Little black cat was the one who devoured the Golden Lion and not her. An absurd thing like absorbing a contractual spirit was already unheard of, needless to say of knowing how to carry it out.

“I will teach you.” Jun Wu Yao said as his mouth curled up at the corners. He saw the look of apprehension cross the face of Jun Wu Xie and he grew more amused.

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