GDBBM – Chapter 206

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Chapter  206: “Wager (2)”

“What do you mean?” Mo Qian Yuan’s heart skipped a beat.

“I am keeping the Soul Jade at all costs, and will not release it to anyone. Aren’t you thinking that I  want to kill them all off for no good reason and am being vicious and brutal? Then let’s see what the Qing Yun Clan will do when we refuse to hand over the Soul Jade when they know it is in our hands?” Jun Wu Xie had wanted to have an upper hand in dealing the first strike but had now changed her mind.

Not for any other reason, other than forging the dull shield that was Mo Qian Yuan, into a sharper shield.

His lukewarm temperament, needs a little stoking.

The Jun Family will in the future face other enemies and problems, and Jun Wu Xie did not want to be faced with having to deal with Mo Qian Yuan’s benevolent heart all the time. To prevent future recurring nightmares, she chose to put Mo QIan Yuan through the mill.

Once he saw the cruelty and viciousness of the enemy, he would understand, a benevolent heart will only kill him.

“Tell the Qing Yun Clan tomorrow that the Jun Family’s half of the Soul Jade had been buried with our elders in the family and hope that they can give up on their quest.” As to what their reaction would be, would be beyond her control.

Mo Qian Yuan’s eyes showed a mixture of emotions. He had not expected Jun Wu Xie to give in to the Qing Yun Clan in the first place, and he somehow felt, that her intentions were not as simple as what he was told.

“Alright, I’ll give it a try.” Mo Qian Yuan sighed.

Jiang Chen Qing was not an easy person to deal with, but Qin Yu Yan looked like a very understanding person.

While they talked, the guards brought the Soul Jade and presented it to Mo Qian Yuan who handed it over to Jun Wu Xie.

The other half of the Soul Calming Jade laid within a brocade box, and after Jun Wu Xie inspected it, she closed the cover and kept it securely.

Mo Qian Yuan had seen the Soul Jade before, and had not thought of it as anything important. He would not have expected that a tiny piece of the Soul Jade would make Jun Wu Xie stand against the Qing Yun Clan. He did not want to probe further as he trusted that no matter what Jun Wu Xie did, she had her own good reasons for it.

With what she came for in her hands, and the wager set, Jun Wu Xie had not much more to say. She turned to leave the chambers and Jun Wu Yao followed, where they subsequently disappeared.

Outside Mo Qian Yuan’s living chambers, Jun Wu Xie looked into the starry sky, and turned to Jun Wu Yao who had followed behind her. Jun Wu Yao smiled and smoothly wrapped his arm around Jun Wu Xie. With a leap, they soared into the sky once again.

The guards outside the chambers, stared dumbfounded at the soaring figures flying through the sky and gaped in wonder.

Under the starry night, the cold wind rushed past them, the cold did not affect Jun Wu Yao in the slightest. The woman in his arms was always cold and unfeeling, but in his arms and pressed against his chest, was a warmth that spread throughout his entire being.

“Why was your time spent making a wager with that dummy?”

If you feel it’s not worth keeping, just discard it.

“A sword needs to be honed before it becomes sharp, I am just putting it under the mill.” It might be the change in the way Jun Wu Xie saw Jun Wu Yao that made her share so much with him.

‘Sharp sword?’ Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow, not commenting further.

“Mo Qian Yuan is intelligent, things that the former Emperor had not taught him, I can teach him. The Kingdom of Qi needed an Emperor, I needed a legitimate heir to the throne who would owe the Jun Family a great debt of gratitude.” The path to being a great Emperor had no room for pure  and complete benevolence. Mo Qian Yuan had been abandoned and despised by the former Emperor and had not had the chance to learn much. Jun Wu Xie did not mind, to coach and instruct him to become a competent Emperor.

“My little darling is especially nice to him.” Jun Wu Yao said with a laugh, but his eyes did not show the slightest bit of joy.

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