GDBBM – Chapter 205

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Chapter 205: “Wager (1)”

His voice alone had inflicted such heavy injuries upon his body, that overwhelming force had almost scared the lights out of him.

Green spirit? Blue spirit? Or was it the legendary violet spirit…..

Mo Qian Yuan had absolutely no idea which level Jun Wu Yao’s skills had reached. He was that powerful without even releasing his spiritual powers!

Such a terrifying power existed under the heavens?

“Enough.” Jun Wu Xie’s voice rang out just in time. She did not know if it was Jun Wu Yao’s doing, but the force that struck at Mo Qian Yuan did not affect Jun Wu Xie in the slightest and she could not know how terrifying it was. She could only guess at its impact by looking at the slumped form of Mo Qian Yuan.

At the same moment Jun Wu Xie finished her statement, the force upon his body lifted and disappeared. He summoned every ounce of his remaining strength and he struggled hard to stand, and fear lingered in his heart as he looked at Jun Wu Yao.

Who would have thought that such a man who possessed such heaven defying strength to be concealed by Jun Wu Xie’s side? With him, Jun Wu Xie did not have to fear the Qing Yun Clan.

With such power, the twenty odd in the delegation would be a pushover. Even if the Qing Yun Clan Sovereign had come himself, he might be subjected to the same humiliation of defeat.

“Soul Jade.” Jun Wu Yao asked of Mo Qian Yuan.

Mo Qian Yuan wiped off the blood from his mouth and stole a glance at Jun Wu Yao. Without hesitation or any protests this time, he ordered for the Soul Jade to be brought.

“Wu Xie.” After the task had been assigned, he asked Jun Wu Xie in trepidation: “You said you would deal with the Qing Yun Clan, are you intending to ask your….. big brother to do it? To have them…..” Mo Qian Yuan made a sweeping motion across his neck with his hands.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie replied truthfully.

Mo Qian Yuan recoiled in shock.

Just like that?

Wasn’t that too brutal?

“The Qing Yun Clan might not have been too cordial, but they had not committed any outrageous atrocities either, and you have decided to ….. A tad bit overboard, isn’t it?” Mo Qian Yuan knew that although the Qing Yun Clan would not give up on the Soul Jade, Jun Wu Xie’s somewhat seemingly hasty decision was a little bit hard to swallow.

Moreover, the delegation was not the whole of the Qing Yun Clan. If anything were to happen to them, the Qing Yun Clan would move in retaliation for sure.

Can a single Jun Wu Yao, stand against the vengeance of Qing Yun Clan’s might and of their borrowed swords?

If possible, Mo Qian Yuan would prefer to keep the peace and settle things amicably.

Jun Wu Xie did not reply but just looked at the conflicted Mo Qian Yuan. She understood his concerns. He was now the Emperor of Qi and everything that he did, he had to consider the interests of the kingdom at large. But, being too compassionate and lenient, might not make a good ruler.

Jun Wu Xie narrowed her eyes and asked slowly: “You think I’m being too brutal?”

With Jun Wu Xie’s query, he felt the hairs on the back of his neck stand as the chilling gaze locked onto him once again.

“No, I was just think we should not kill unjustifiably.”

Jun Wu Xie surveyed Mo Qian Yuan. She chose Mo Qian Yuan to ascend the throne because he was simple and kind, unlike his cruel and unscrupulous father and brother. He was groomed to become the shield for the Jun Family, and this shield was showing itself to be strong and sturdy, and was rather blunt.

It could only defend but not attack.

She kept silent for awhile before she said: “You’re being a softy.”

Mo Qian Yuan’s face darkened. It was not that he was being too soft, it was Jun Wu Xie being to brutal.

“Let’s make a bet.” Jun Wu Xie turned to Mo Qian Yuan. It was time to sharpen the shield a little.

“What kind of bet?”

“Whether Qing Yun Clan will seek their own death.” Jun Wu Xie said, her eyes narrowed just slightly.

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