GDBBM – Chapter 207

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Chapter  207: “Wager (3)”

Nice? Jun Wu Xie thought to herself. She did not feel she had treated Mo Qian Yuan nice in any way.

They were just using each other to further their own ends.

“I dared to do this because you are here.” Jun Wu Xie raised her head to look at Jun Wu Yao. If Jun Wu Xie did not have the extraordinarily skilled Jun Wu Yao behind her, she would not have let go of the opportunity to land the first strike. But, faced with Jun Wu Yao, there was nothing the Qing Yun Clan could do to overcome him, she might as well make full use of the opportunity.

To make the fullest use of everything, was her way of doing things.

Jun Wu Yao was surprised, and glee filled his eyes.

What Jun Wu Xie had said, had greatly pleased the malicious killer who slaughtered without thought.

“Whatever you want, I’ll get it done.” Jun Wu Yao said laughing. It was for just a couple more days, he would allow those insignificant worms to live a little longer.

Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes as she thought: ‘Sometimes, Jun Wu Yao spoils her more than Jun Xian does.’

This big brother of hers, wasn’t bad at all.

“Open your mouth.” Jun Wu Xie said suddenly.

Jun Wu Yao opened his mouth wide without hesitation, and the next moment, a slightly sweet elixir was dropped into his mouth and it went down his throat. A sweet fragrance lingered in his mouth and a warmth spread throughout his body. His veins and arteries absorbed the nourishment from the warmth and he felt lighter and comforted.

Jun Wu Yao’s smile widened and he did not know what Jun Wu Xie fed him.

These elixirs were made by Jun Wu Xie’s own hands and only the Jun Family father and son had had the luxury to have tasted them. And Jun Wu Xie had fed one to him today…..

This night, was the most wonderful night to him, since he was freed from those chains.

When they got back to the Lin Palace, the night was already deathly quiet. Jun Wu Yao carried Jun Wu Xie and his foot had just touched the ground in Jun Wu Xie’s courtyard when she smelled the thick intoxicating aroma of wine.

That alluring aroma swirled within the courtyard, and the smell made one crave for more.

“It smells of Jade Nectar?” Jun Wu Xie wrinkled her nose. That was an all too familiar smell, encountered daily in her cultivation of the Snow Lotus, but never had it been so strong.

Before Jun Wu Xie could figure out what had happened, a sudden roar sounded from inside the room!

[You wretched brat! Let me go!] The little black cat meowed and roared from inside the room and a chaos of bangs and clatter sounded again!

Jun Wu Yao was curious and followed a dark faced Jun Wu Xie as she stormed into the room.

A handsome youth, his face flushed red, drunkenly straddled upon the black beast, his bare feet planted upon the cold floor, his fair skin in deep contrast to the sleek black fur on the beast.

The ferocious black beast, having the youth upon his back, scratched incessantly at the floor, attempting to throw the wretch off.

The slender weak looking youth had instead seemed to weigh a ton, sitting firmly atop the black beast, a wine jar in his left hand, the mouth upon his red flushed face laughing evilly

“Move! Come on! Move! Why don’t you hit me like you always do? Try It!” Drunk Lotus’s mouth curled up at the corners, his slender legs held the black beast flanks in an iron grip, holding it firmly on the ground. His slender graceful body arched back slightly, and with his free hand, scooped up the black beast’s tail that was swishing about furiously, and gripped it tightly. The tail pulled back fiercely in his palm and Drunk Lotus twisted it and gave it a sharp tug.

“MEOWWWW!!!” The black beast gave out a ear piercing roar.

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