GDBBM – Chapter 194

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Chapter 194: “Unseal the Coffin (1)”

When Jun Wu Xie arrived at the study, Jun Xian and Jun Qing were already gone. Even Long Qi and a troop of guards were missing. Jun Wu Xie went to Uncle Fu, and got to know from him that Jun Xian and Jun Qing had decided to protect the safety of the Jun Family, and had immediately set out to Jun Gu’s tombstone.

His intentions were clear to see.

“Let’s go!” Jun Wu Xie threw the little black cat outside and it transformed into its black beast form. Its newfound badge of gold extended from its chest into a mane after the transformation, lending it a more majestic and commanding look.

The Jun Family had gone yearly to Jun Gu’s tombstone for prayers and Jun Wu Xie naturally knew the way to it. Under the starry night sky, Jun Wu Xie sat upon the black beast, while it sprinted towards Jun Gu’s tomb.

The Jun Family shall not bend their backs! And Jun Gu’s grave shall not be desecrated!

The beast ran out of the city, and brought Jun Wu Xie towards the graveyard. Many who were buried there used to serve as soldiers and officers under the Jun Family’s command. They were martyrs who had sacrificed their lives in battle, and were men of valour.

Jun Xian had said, brothers in arms and comrades of the Jun Family must be buried together, for them to remain together, even in the afterlife.

When Jun Wu Xie got to the graveyard, there stood two guards dressed in the liveries of the Lin Palace. They were shocked to see Jun Wu Xie and the black beast shot past them before the guards could open their mouths in greeting.

The flustered guards stood ramrod straight in salute, at nothingness as the beast zipped by before they reacted.

Deep within the graveyard, ten over Rui Lin Army soldiers stood around a tombstone, with burning torches in their hands, their faces in grief, their motions reluctant.

Long Qi led a team of men to dig up Jun Gu’s grave. With every inch of earth they dug up, their eyes reddened more.

Buried right at this spot, was the God of War of their hearts. This man, was the one they all most revered and idolised. And today, they are forced to desecrate his grave with their own hands, disturbing his eternal rest.

Jun Xian stood at the side with his eyes closed, unable to bear the sight, and Jun Qing stood solemnly beside his father.

“My son, for the sake of the Jun Family, I am forced to cause you further grief in your place of rest.” Jun Xian said in a low voice, feeling an overwhelming sense of grief.

Jun Qing lowered his head, fists tightly clenched.

Dust flew as the coffin was raised, Jun Xian took a glance and his tall frame staggered back a step.

“My Lord! Are we really…..” Long Qi, with his eyes rimmed in red, asked of Jun Xian, whose hands were trembling.

Jun Xian took a deep breath to calm the raging emotions within, and closed his eyes and gritted his teeth. “Open!”

Wu Xie had, in order to protect the Jun Family, even gone against the former Emperor. In this matter, he did not want to involve the poor child. Although when Jun Gu died, that child had been very young. But it was her father’s grave after all, he could not bear to make the child see her own father’s grave defiled and dug up from its place of eternal rest.

Jun Xian and Jun Qing had set off immediately after Jun Wu Xie left the study, and they had not intended to tell her about it.

Long Qi clenched his teeth together and pushed the heavy lid of the coffin with the soldiers around him.

The lid creaked loudly from the movement when a massive shadow suddenly pounced out of the shadows.

“Do not open the coffin!” Jun Wu Xie’s voice rang out. Jun Xian and Jun Qing looked up at the voice and saw Jun Wu Xie sitting atop the magnificent beast, her face tinged with anxiety.

“Wu Xie? Why are you here?” Jun Xian looked flustered and gave Jun Qing a look.

Jun Qing caught the glance and walked up to stop Jun Wu Xie from taking another step.

“Wu Xie! What are you doing here!? Go back now!” Jun Qing admonished Jun Wu Xie sternly for the first time. He did not want her to witness her father’s grave defiled like that.


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