GDBBM – Chapter 195

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Chapter 195: “Unseal the Coffin (2)”

Jun Wu Xie jumped off from the black beast, looked at Jun Qing who had on a stern expression, and said: “Uncle, I will not hand over the Soul Jade, don’t touch the grave.”

“What?” Jun Qing asked in shock.

At that moment, Long Qi let out a shout of surprise!

“My Lord! Come look!”

He had opened Jun Gu’s coffin, and he was in shock.

The three Jun Family members rushed over to see.

What they saw when they looked into the coffin left them speechless in astonishment.

“How is this …..” Jun Xian was still in shock and the trembling did not stop.

A handsome man laid within the coffin, his face at peace. The moment the Rui Lin Army soldiers around the tomb saw the face, all of them felt a strong surge of emotions deep within and almost fell to the ground.

Ten years!

Ten whole years!

They had not seen that face for ten long years. They had all bemoaned that they will never be able to lay their eyes on that face they had respected and revered ten years ago when they laid his body to rest, and will only forever become a memory.

None of them had expected, a decade later, when they unsealed his coffin, he would lie there looking exactly just as he did when they laid him to his eternal rest, like he was just asleep.

If they were not at the graveyard, and Jun Gu was not lying in the coffin they had just dug up themselves, they might very well believe he was alive and well and was just fast asleep.

A decade long, the ageing would show even on people alive, but time had not touched this man who laid dead, and buried deep underground after all this time.

Jun Gu who lay before them looked just as he had ten years ago at his burial. His bronze skin full and taut, his jet black hair stretched out beneath his body, his eyes closed, his brows as striking as ever. Below his straight sharp nose was his mouth, slightly open, holding half a piece of clear green jade. His hands were overlapped on his abdomen, holding the sword that had won him countless battles and slain countless enemies.

The sword glowed coldly under the moonlight, though hidden for ten years, it was still as sharp as ever.

Jun Xian and Jun Qing held back their tears at the sight.

Time left no trace on Jun Gu’s body, in fact he looked younger than Jun Qing, who was several years his junior.

“How did this happen? Jun Gu’s body….. Ten years….. Why is the body kept so well?” Jun Xian had a lump in his throat, as he was brought back to the time ten years ago at the funeral.

They had suffered the ravages of the past decade but Jun Gu had been frozen in time.

It was unheard of to see a body untouched by rot and decay over a decade, unless it was kept in extreme cold, under the freezing snow and ice the day they died.

Jun Gu’s body was buried in the ground.

The stifling oppression they felt having to unseal the coffin to retrieve the jade melted away when they saw Jun Gu looking the same from before. The Jun father and son, and all the Rui Lin Army soldiers included, wiped away tears that slipped out from their eyes.

The man might have left the world, but he had not left from their hearts.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Jun Gu who lay in the coffin, her eyes a mix of emotions.

Jun Gu and Jun Qing shared only a slight resemblance in looks, and was better endowed with his handsome features. If Jun Qing had taken more after his father in terms of looks, Jun Gu must have taken more after his mother.

Sharp distinct features, sharp nose, handsome looks.

Jun Wu Xie looks, was definitely passed down from her father, distinct features, beautiful.

When Jun Gu passed on, he was only twenty eight, a young man.

Ten years ago, Jun Qing was twenty, and from what they can see now, Jun Gu definitely looks somewhat younger.

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