GDBBM – Chapter 193

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Chapter 193: “I Need to Get Stronger (3)”

Jun Wu Yao laughed at her question: “It’s my pleasure.”

What an wilful and arrogant answer!

Jun Wu Xie stared silently, trying to fathom the man’s heart and guess what he was thinking.

“Just do what you want to do. I will be with you at all times protecting you. I am your brother, protecting my sister is to be expected. Right?” Jun Wu Yao raised a hand and ruffled her head and a thought came into his mind. If this little girl would speak to him civilly all the time like today, even without the embrace and kisses, it felt rather comforting.

Jun Wu Xie was surprised.


That qualifies as family as well right?

Jun Wu Xie stood in front of Jun Wu Yao for a moment more, her eyes different from before. She nodded at Jun Wu Yao, and turned away, running to the study.

She was rushing to tell Jun Xian and Jun Qing, she didn’t want to dig up her father’s grave.

Even if it meant going against the Qing Yun Clan, the Jun Family will not bend their backs an inch!

Seeing Jun Wu Xie back disappearing from his sight in the distance, Jun Wu Yao could not stop smiling.

“This was the first time the little devil had spoken in such an amicable manner to me, it felt rather good.” Jun Wu Yao was in the courtyard alone, as if talking to himself.

A shadow appeared beside him, barely visible standing within Jun Wu Yao’s shadow.

“The Missy sees you treat her well, my Lord.” The man in black replied in a low voice, having witnessed everything earlier. He stole a peek at Jun Wu Yao, and felt that something seemed not right.

“Besides Jun Xian and Jun Qing, she had never spoken to anyone so amicably.” Jun Wu Yao was in a great mood, thinking how she had always bossed over the damned Crown Prince all over the place, and remembering the look in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes when she left, his stone cold heart gave a seldom seen flutter.

“The Miss places great importance on family.” The shadow reminded cautiously.

However, the Lord’s mood was almost ecstatic and did not catch it.


The shadow looked at the happy smile plastered on his Lord’s face and was nervously thinking whether he should remind his Lord, that this Miss change in attitude towards him might be taking a completely different direction from what his Lord is thinking?

The Miss had obviously heard and hung on to his Lord’s proclamation of being her ‘brother’!

Clearly the Miss had steered the relationship with his Lord toward the direction of being siblings!

His Lord was more inclined to be her lover than a brother…..

“Go find out everything you can about the tiny Qing Yun Clan.” Jun Wu Yao exhorted. If Jun Wu Xie decides to retaliate, exterminating the delegation from Qing Yun Clan will only be the beginning. The Jun Wu Xie he knew, will annihilate them by rooting them out completely.

“Yes, my Lord.” Seeing his savage and vicious lord, spurred on by this Miss’s ‘grateful’ eyes, starting to plan for her upcoming campaign, he did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Being so sweet and meticulous, was never a trait he saw in his Lord.

“My Lord, your servant had heard that Qing Yun Clan had some links with one of the palaces. Look…..”

The smile on Jun Wu Yao’s face faded, and his great spirit balled up into a knot of hate.

“The Twelfth Palace sure has long arms, they are even interfering with affairs in the Lower Three Realms?”

The shadow saw his Lord’s face in gloom, and whispered to himself in his heart. ‘You claim they have long arms? Your arms are not that short either.’

“No matter which palace they are linked with, those that deserve death, will have death served.” Jun Wu Yao laughed chillingly.

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