GDBBM – Chapter 192

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Chapter 192: “I Need to Get Stronger (2)”

“How strong?” Jun Wu Xie asked still staring at the night sky.

Jun Wu Yao laughed, “How strong do you want me to be?”

“Strong enought to kill all those people, can you do it?” Jun Wu Xie finally turned, her clear eyes flashed with determination.

No one would understand, what she had felt when she saw the looks of helplessness and despair on Jun Xian and Jun Qing, and how much it had hurt her.

Her family, should not live so compromised.

Jun Wu Yao raised an eyebrow, this was the first time Jun Wu Xie had asked him to kill someone and he was surprised. He had always thought the little girl was not too interested in him.

“Whatever you long for, there is not much that can stop me.” Jun Wu Yao smiled.

“They want something from the Jun Family, but if we give it to them, my grandfather and uncle will be heartbroken.” Jun Wu Xie said, biting on her lip. She might still not understand much on the emotions involved in relationships between people, but the prickling pain in her heart could clearly be felt.

Jun Wu Xie did not know, why she was telling all this to Jun Wu Yao.

The man was mysterious, dangerous and savage. But somehow, she had a feeling that she just needed to ask, and he would deliver.

This inexplicable trust, confused her totally.

“If you don’t feel like giving it to them, then just keep it.” Jun Wu Yao saw a different Jun Wu Xie tonight. Her eyes showed confusion with the myriad emotions within, like she was thinking, and learning at the same time.

“The other party is too strong, much stronger than Lin Palace. If we refuse, they will strike at Lin Palace.” Jun Wu Xie was certain, Lin Palace was nothing in the eyes of the Qing Yun Clan. In fact, not just Lin Palace, they thought nothing of the whole Kingdom of Qi.

You could tell, from the way Jiang Chen Qing had treated Mo Qian Yuan, the Emperor of Qi.

Rise up in protest, or cower in subservience?

“Then, just kill them all.” Jun Wu Yao’s laughter was almost devilish, his easy tone of voice made it seem killing people mattered little to him.

“You are thinking whether to endure the pain to avoid the heavy repercussions that will come?” Jun Wu Yao asked when Jun Wu Xie remained silent.

Jun Wu Xie hesitated further before nodding slightly.

She acted as she did with the former Emperor and the Second Prince as she had complete confidence to root out the evil completely, without having to fear for any consequences. But she was not so sure with the might of the Qing Yun Clan.

It would not be difficult to kill the delegates here in the Imperial City, but the repercussions from their vengeance will be impossible to deal with.

Jun Wu Yao walked up to stand beside Jun Wu Xie. He raised his hands and held Jun Wu Xie’s shoulders and turned towards him to look at her straight into her misty eyes.

“To give in, will always be the choice of weaklings. You concede a step now, and you will get used to giving in. You do not feel like giving in one bit, right?”

“Right.” Jun Wu Xie nodded. The Jun Family had endured too much the past ten years, and she was not willing to allow her grandfather and uncle live under any form of suppression anymore. Handing over the Soul Jade might buy them some temporary peace, but the confidence the Jun Family won from the people after the tribulations fighting for the regime change, will be for naught and sink back into negativity.

“Then do not give in, I owe you a debt. So….. make use of me whatever way you like.” Jun Wu Yao gave her a wide smile, bowed deeply and took her small hand in his, and laid a gentle kiss on it.

“I can be the blade you wield, and be your shield from your enemies, you can choose to use me in whatever way you want.”

Jun Wu Xie stared at him, “Why?” They did not owe each other anymore, why was he willing to help her to such an extent?


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