GDBBM – Chapter 175

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Chapter 175: “Handling Matters (1)”

In the room, Jun Wu Xie rinsed her mouth repeatedly but was unable to get rid of the taste of blood. She sat by the table, watching the little black cat’s incessant struggle, her eyes tinged with worry.

She raised her hand, as she always did, to stroke its fur.

“Pull through it.” She whispered.

The little black cat did not know how long it struggled for, it only remembered the huge Golden Lion getting nicked by its tiny claws bit by bit. Its body was battered and covered in wounds, trapped in the darkness and it was exhausted as it lay down in the nothingness when it heard a voice call out, a voice all too familiar.


Jun Wu Xie stirred as she felt a warmth on her cheek as she lifted her heavy eyelids. The little black cat was rubbing itself against her face affectionately.

[Why are you sleeping here?] The little black cat asked, blinking at Jun Wu Xie. It had woken up to find Jun Wu Xie sleeping soundly by the table.

Jun Wu Xie sat up, not answering the little black cat’s question. She surveyed the little one intently and found a stretch of gold collared fur around its neck to its chest. It looked like a gold necklace that was inlaid into its skin with it’s contrasting jet black fur..

The little black cat tilted its head in query and followed the sight of Jun Wu Xie, and discovered the golden fur as it pawed at its chest.

[Hey, this looks just like that big fella’s!] The little black cat exclaimed.

“How do you feel?” Jun Wu Xie asked instead.

[I feel energized! So refreshed! That dumb lion came into my dream somehow, and I ate him up again! Hee hee.] The little black cat proclaimed proudly, with its nose high in the air, and showing off the golden brand on its chest like a badge of honour.

Jun Wu Xie ruffled the fur on its head, finally relieved after a whole night of anxiety, softening her gaze as she looked at the contented little black cat.

The little black cat did not feel any different despite the gold badge and just brushed it off, and didn’t think anymore of it.

Two days later, the Crown Prince Mo Qian Yuan ascended the throne, a nationwide celebration, a newly throned Emperor, royal pardons were granted to lesser criminals.

On the day he ascended the throne, he reformed the Imperial Court system, got rid of the corrupt leeches from their positions of power, and promoted officials of humble birth.

The new Emperor appointed men to officialdom not based on birth or family background, but on ability. This won greater and louder cheers from the people.

While the celebration was going on, a ragged figure was dragged forcefully by two Rui Lin Army guards to stand in a corner during the morning court address, to see Mo Qian Yuan dressed resplendently in his dragon robe, sitting atop the Imperial Throne, directing the ruling of the Kingdom.

“Isn’t this scene just splendid?” Jun Wu Xie walked up and asked the ashen faced old man.

The former Emperor was pale and gaunt, his eyes mired in defeat. He had always carefully protected his throne, and now it was usurped by his detested offspring. To make it worse, he was forced to witness this revolting scene, by Rui Lin Army guards.

Jun Wu Xie’s needles had pierced his eyes, but not enough to blind him, but it made his eyes stay open all the time. He did not want to watch, but the silver needles lodged in his eyes did not allow him to close them.

Jun Wu Xie wanted him to suffer the torment of witnessing his most treasured Imperial Throne, usurped by his hated son!

From being an Emperor that was above all, to become a lowly prisoner. Hit with such a huge setback, the former Emperor hair had turned all white, in just a matter of days, looking decades older.

“Jun Wu Xie, you win. I am defeated, kill as you wish! Do not celebrate just yet! Mo Qian Yuan got the throne by killing his father, you think he will allow Lin Palace to prosper!?” The former emperor looked menacingly at Jun Wu Xie, knowing what Mo Qian Yuan was capable of.

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