GDBBM – Chapter 174

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Chapter 174: “To Tease  (3)”

Blood trickled down his face, and a tiny drop got into his mouth.

The thick scent of blood roused Jun Wu Yao’s inner instincts and a violet glow flared unbridled in his eyes.

The smell and the taste of blood assaulted the senses of Jun Wu Xie and triggered the memories of her past life and she bit down hard in response.

She tasted more blood and Jun Wu Yao released his grip. His violet eyes seemed bottomless, and with the blood flowing from his lip, he looked every inch the devil to Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie maneuvered out of his embrace and stood panting, and staring at Jun Wu Yao.

Jun Wu Yao wiped the blood from his mouth with his hand, the pain a lingering reminder of the merciless lass standing before him. If not for his lightning reflexes, he might not have gotten off this easily.

This kitty had grown claws, and was not to be teased.

“Don’t get all huffy, I spilled a little blood onto you, it’s my fault.” Jun Wu Yao said with a smile, and pulled the silver needles out from his temple, before placing them into the hands of Jun Wu Xie.

“You will know whether the little black cat can completely ingest the Golden Lion tonight, watch it closely. Call for me if anything untoward happens, I will be around.” Jun Wu Yao grinned impishly, completely ignoring the cold blistering stare Jun Wu Xie was giving him.

He then left the room without waiting for a reply.

After he closed the door to the room, Jun Wu Yao smiled, savouring the blood still flowing in his mouth, and was unable to suppress the violet glow in his eyes.

A black shadow who had been guarding the place appeared beside Jun Wu Yao, with one knee on the ground, and holding up a bottle of medicine for wounds.

“My Lord.” The shadow’s eyes narrowed as he saw the blood on Jun Wu Yao’s mouth.

Few and far between exist in this world who were able to lay a finger on his Lordship, but this Missy from the Jun Family had made him bleed so often…..

Seeing the amused expression on Jun Wu Yao, he swallowed back the grouses he had swirling in his chest.

The shadow was chilled to see the look of satisfaction on His Lordship’s face. Did His Lordship not realise the big problem in the interaction between the Missy and himself?

Too frequently he had been mortally wounded, and came back covered in blood…..

“No need.” Jun Wu Yao did not even look at the proffered medicine, as his expression grew even more amused.

The cold and unfeeling lass has finally shown some form of emotional outburst, this might be a good thing after all.

“This is just a small gift, there is no need to fuss. You stay guard here.” Jun Wu Yao sniffed on his clothes, smelling the pungent blood, and thought to himself that this was the smell the little lass hated.

The shadow could only nod as he saw the back of the disappearing Jun Wu Yao, as he kept the worry to himself.

“My Lord….. You might be interested in the Young Miss, but your methods are rather extreme. No one comes back drenched in blood all the time in their pursuit of their beloved. Are you sure you are doing this right?”

After a while, having washed himself and changed his clothes, Jun Wu Yao was back by Jun Wu Xie’s door. He positioned himself comfortably and laid back on the beam outside the door.

That little devil loves the little black cat a lot, it wouldn’t hurt to help her guard it a little…..

Jun Wu Yao raised his hand a little, and a waft of black mist diffused into the air, before it seeped through the gap between the doors and into the room.


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