GDBBM – Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: “Handling Matters (2)”

If it wasn’t for Jun Wu Xie’s decisive maneuvering, Mo Qian Yuan would never be able to take the throne!

Jun Wu Xie cast a glance at the defeated figure held by the guards, and her eyes went back to the one on the throne, to Mo Qian Yuan who looked heroic up on the podium.

“Why do you think he did it?”

The former Emperor paused, and said through gritted teeth: “Greed and ambitions, what more can it be?”

Jun Wu Xie did not shift her glance, “He was your loyal dog, but you reared him into a wolf. You killed his mother, executed his maternal family, and poisoned him. You cornered him too hard, and broke the father and son kinship. You still have the cheek to claim to be his father?”

This was only too familiar to her. In her past life, she had not been treated like a blood related family member either, she was treated like a dog, locked up all the time. Only in this present life, did she learnt from Jun Xian, what a grandfather was like.

You sowed the seeds, you reap the harvest.

For Mo Qian Yuan to have done what he did, it was all due to the what the former Emperor did to him.

The old man was rendered speechless, and slumped in defeat.

“It’s about time to deal with all of you.” Jun Wu Xie gestured to the Rui Lin Army guards.

The former Emperor was terrified, having developed an instinctive fear of Jun Wu Xie. He wanted to shout out, but was gagged mercilessly by the Rui Lin Army guards, and dragged away from the corner of the main hall.

The Imperial Dungeon had always been where the Imperial Family carried out their most dastardly deeds. It was very well concealed and was dark and dismal. Few beyond the Imperial Family knew of its existence. Over the generations of rule, countless executions of people who opposed the rulers were carried out here, including Jun Xian who was previously held here, to await his death.

The former Emperor was dragged into the dungeon, the chain from his leg irons dragged on the stone floor, the sound of metal hitting stone ringing clearly. In the quiet empty dungeon, the clear sound was magnified by the echoes.

On the two opposing sides of the dungeon, behind two sets of iron bars, Mo Xuan Fei and Bai Yun Xian were locked up separately. The ringing clatter of the chain shocked them awake them from their nightmare filled sleep. They opened their eyes wide, looking outside.

Mo Xuan Fei had long lost his haughty air of being the Second Prince with his contractual spirit destroyed, his legs crippled, and both his arms cuffed to the wheelchair. He had to sleep upright in the wheelchair with his head lolling around, and his clothes were already filthy, so covered with blood, grime and dirt that its colour was now indistinguishable. His messy mop of hair had strands of straw dangling, his face pale from the torment of pain, cheeks sunken, eyes devoid of any emotion, but terror.

He did not look human, even if this battered and decrepit cripple was thrown onto the streets, no one would believe he was once the suave, haughty Second Prince.

He was shocked awake by the noise from the chain, his face a mask of fear as he saw his father dragged into his cell like livestock, and thrown on the floor.

“Second Prince, I trust you have been well.” A cold chill voice sounded suddenly from outside the cell. Mo Xuan Fei shrank from the voice, and started trembling uncontrollably.

His teeth chattered as he turned his head, to see Jun Wu Xie standing just beyond the bars.

She wore a dress of light blue, the cool colour matching her cold personality, and her exquisite face was expressionless, her eyes like dry wells, looking upon a lifeless dog.

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