GDBBM – Chapter 171

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Chapter 171: “Spirit Devour (2)”

Jun Wu Yao had no intention of releasing Jun Wu Xie from his embrace. Seeing Jun Wu Xie’s furrowed brow, Jun Wu Yao lightly brushed the nape of her neck and murmured softly: “If you are interested, I can explain it to you.”

Jun Wu Xie tilted her head away from his face in an attempt escape the intimacy, but it was in vain. She was caught, his arm circled around her, and she was unable to escape.

“Go on.” She calmed herself.

“Contractual spirits live in the Spiritual World, some of them originated from ancient spiritual beasts, and some originated from ancient celestial soldiers. After their physical bodies disappeared, their spirits returned to the Spiritual World, living as contractual spirits, till it’s destined person appears, and they are summoned to that person, where their spirit & souls harmonize and are linked till that person dies. People die, but not the contractual spirits. The contractual spirits then return to the spiritual domain, to await the next destined person. But there have been exceptions…..”

Jun Wu Yao looked at the profile of Jun Wu Xie and noticed that her frown was gone, and her eyes grew serious. He smiled happily and continued: “Although the contractual spirits do not die when the person they harmonized and linked with die, that does not mean the link cannot be broken. In some places, they have developed a way to strip a contractual spirit from the soul of a person, where they seize the contractual spirit from another person, and feeds it to his contractual spirit.”

“When contractual spirits leave the Spiritual World, the speed that their training progresses is slowed down greatly. To speed up the progress, you either find a medium that evolves their powers, or you achieve it by devouring other contractual spirits.”

Jun Wu Xie thought to herself, she was sure that no one in the Kingdom of Qi knew about what Jun Wu Yao had just told her, and she remembered that he mentioned: “It was not for you people to know”.

“What the little black cat did was a Spirit Devour?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

Jun Wu Yao shook his head, his face against her cool soft hair, and replied: “A Spirit Devour is not achievable by the contractual spirit alone, your little black cat is special and I have never witnessed it. No beastial contractual spirit can strip off other contractual spirits and devour them. This is unique, just like you are.”

“The process for a Spirit Devour has been greatly simplified. But to completely devour and overcome the power of other contractual spirits was never easy. It was lucky to have devoured a level five beast contractual spirit, if it was beyond level seven, I am afraid its physical body might not be able to contain it.”

“Level five? Level seven?” Jun Wu Xie was getting confused.

Jun Wu Yao laughed softly, and explained it patiently to her.

“Over here, the contractual spirits, have a maximum of seven levels, hence the difference in grades or ranks are not obvious. I will tell you at a later time how to differentiate the grades between contractual spirits. If your little black cat successfully absorb the Golden Lion spirit, it’s power will be increased.”

Jun Wu Xie bit on her lip, the mystery surrounding Jun Wu Yao was getting thicker and thicker.

The words he used, “over here” indicated he was not from nearby regions, and it was not the first time he had done that.

Seemingly to have read her thoughts, Jun Wu Yao laughed, “Don’t worry, no matter where I am from, I will never harm you.”

“You can let me go now.” Jun Wu Xie looked down at the arm holding her. This man is rather queer, everytime they met, he is always hugging her.

Jun Wu Xie was not uncomfortable with the close proximity, but she didn’t like it that much either.


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