GDBBM – Chapter 170

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Chapter 170: “Spirit Devour (1)”

Jun Wu Xie was overcome in worry, the little black cat’s spirit was not complete. Before its spirit had merged with hers, the little black cat was just a puppet without its own consciousness.

The Golden Lion was transformed from a contractual spirit, more accurately, a form of spiritual energy. When the little black cat devoured the Golden Lion, it consumed its spirit, and not flesh and blood.

In her past life with the various experiments and tests, Jun Wu Xie had learned a little about it. The symptoms the little black cat was complaining about, were the exact symptoms the chimaeras showed after having undergone the experiments.

Jun Wu Xie subconsciously poured her energy into the little black cat, to help it allay the spirit of the devoured Golden Lion’s spirit.

The little black cat fell into a deep sleep and dreamt. It was pitch dark, except for a tiny sliver of golden light that seemed to be growing, pushing back the darkness.

“ROAR!!” The devoured Golden Lion stood proudly in the dream.

The weakened black cat stared at the massive beast in fright. It wanted to transform into its black beast form but was unable to do it.

The massive lion pounced on the tiny black cat!


A startled cry escaped from the tiny form in Jun Wu Xie’s arms. Jun Wu Xie looked down at the cat in her embrace and saw the tiny face scrunched up with its eyes still closed. It suddenly stiffened its legs and drew its claws, it tore through Jun Wu Xie’s sleeve and traces of blood showed on the snowy white skin.

A golden light enveloped the cat’s body and grew in intensity. Jun Wu Xie took a deep breath and held the tiny body tightly in her arms, disregarding the flailing claws digging into her flesh, leaving bloody scratch marks on her body.

It had in both her previous and present lives, been the only one, that was always by her side.   

She will not give up on the little black cat, no matter what.

“That is one special contractual spirit.” An amused voice suddenly sounded right behind her ear. Before Jun Wu Xie could react, she was wrapped in a warm embrace. A huge hand picked the little black cat up from her arms, bringing the thrashing cat’s razor sharp claws away from her.

“Give it back!” Jun Wu Xie stretched out her hands to the cat, but the strong arm that embraced her kept the cat beyond her outstretched arms.

Jun Wu Yao rested his head on her shoulder, a lazy smile upon his face.

“There is nothing you can do. It devoured the Golden Lion, it must overcome the spirit with its own strength. I had not expected to see a spirit devour in a place like this.” Jun Wu Yao closed his eyes, inhaling deeply the mild herbal fragrance that lingered on Jun Wu Xie.

“Spirit Devour?” Jun Wu Xie stopped struggling.

Jun Wu Yao had been a mystery all this time, but he had not once harmed her, and he knew much more than the father and son of the Jun Family.

“Stripping off the spirit of others, and have their own contractual spirit devour it. That can greatly increase the powers of their contractual ring spirits and absorb the abilities of the devoured spirit.” Jun Wu Yao explained good naturedly, his mood greatly improved by the comfort brought about from his embrace of Jun Wu Xie.

Devouring the spirit of others?

Jun Wu Xie was stunned, she would never have thought such a thing possible!

The fact that the little black cat ate the Golden Lion was already beyond her imagination. Judging from the reactions of Mo Qian Yuan and the others there, it was unheard of in this world as well. Why was Jun Wu Yao not surprised by all this and made it sound all too natural to him.

“It was not for you people to know, but….. this contractual spirit seems to have been born with this ability. That saves me a lot of trouble.” Jun Wu Yao smiled, enjoying his embrace of the beauty in his arm.

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