GDBBM – Chapter 172

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Chapter 172: To Tease  (1)

Nevertheless, Jun Wu Yao was not letting her go. He smiled and tightened the grip on his arm.

“How heartless, you want to be rid of me right after using me?” He dropped the little black cat on the table and lifted Jun Wu Xie off the ground.

“What are you doing?” Jun Wu Xie glared, at the handsome smiling face.

“When someone is hurt, they need to apply medication.” Jun Wu Yao looked at the wounds the little black cat had inflicted on Jun Wu Xie’s arms.

“No need.”

“Yes, you do.” Jun Wu Yao coaxed the figure in his arms, still smiling.

“…..” He wouldn’t listen no matter what she said anyway.

Seeing that Jun Wu Xie had stopped struggling, Jun Wu Yao happily carried her over and sat her on the bed. He pulled a little wooden box out from under the bed and took out a jar of cream.

A gentle fragrance wafted out from the pale white cream as it was opened and Jun Wu Yao lifted her sleeves and gently applied the cream on the cuts and gashes.

The little black cat had not been aware of its actions, though not deep, but it had left many glaringly bleeding cuts on her arms. The cream felt cool from Jun Wu Yao’s light fingertips, but it also brought about a slight stinging pain. It was slightly ticklish and numbing at the same time.

Jun Wu Xie looked down at Jun Wu Yao, patiently applying the cream on her cuts, not sparing a single one however tiny.

With the cream applied on all the cuts, Jun Wu Yao left her sleeves up to avoid having them wipe off the cream. He held Jun Wu Xie’s hand within his and toyed with the fingertips.

“You can let go now.” Jun Wu Xie was feeling a little stiff in her back, as Jun Wu Yao was hugging her from behind, with her hands clasped in his. Her petite frame was made smaller by the strongly built body that enveloped her.

She could feel from her back, the rhythm of his heartbeat from the chest that was pressed against her.

Jun Wu Yao laughed as he noticed that Jun Wu Xie stiffened her back.

Was that a reaction?

“You are a really callous girl, I cleared your doubts and applied medicine for you. After having used me, you are just driving me away like this? And I take the effort to wash and change before I come see you every time. Sigh…..” Jun Wu Yao whined as if he had suffered great injustice. But his face remained close to her neck, his chin rested on her shoulder.

“Not true.” Jun Wu Xie was getting a headache. She had never wanted to initiate contact with Jun Wu Yao as he had always been shrouded in mystery and danger, and she had not wanted to court danger.

She had wanted to go their separate ways, but he had always appeared whenever she was in need.

“What is not true? Little devil, do you detest me that much?” His low voice sounded despondent and was sounding really sad.

“I do not.” Jun Wu Xie didn’t know what to say. She was not angry with him, they had helped one another in order to leave from the cliff, She said she didn’t like him, but she didn’t detest him either.

What’s more, Jun Wu Yao had saved the life of her grandfather, and she was indebted to him, how would she detest her benefactor?

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