GDBBM – Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: “Regime Change (3)”

“Don’t worry, Grandfather. She will not say anything.” Jun Wu Xie assured him calmly.

“She won’t?” Jun Xian looked skeptical.

“I know what to do regarding that, and I will handle it after the ascension.” She will naturally keep Bai Yun Xian alive. Not just Bai Yun Xian, but even the former Emperor and the Second Prince. She will make them live in torment and yearn for the sweet release of death.

They had made the Jun Family live under more than a decade of suffering, they cannot be let off so easily.

With all that had been said, the Jun Family father and son had nothing more to ask. They had just one more thing weighing on their mind.

Over the past few days, Mo Qian Yuan had sent numerous gifts to the Lin Palace. There were so much gifts that they were running out of space to store them. This unsolicited show of gratitude, was rather worrying.

Jun Wu Xie was frequently with Mo Qian Yuan before, and now, she had even helped Mo Qian Yuan ascend the throne, and Mo Qian Yuan seemed to cater Jun Wu Xie’s every whim.  

It was odd, any way one looked at it.

Mo Qian Yuan had grown to adulthood. All this time as the Crown Prince, he did not have any women by his side, he did not have an Imperial Crown Prince concubine, not a single concubine.

He had little contact with women, only with the exception of Jun Wu Xie.

As Jun Wu Xie had not been out of the Lin Palace, she did not know of the rumours swirling around. It was widely said that after the Crown Prince’s ascension to the throne, he will marry Jun Wu Xie who will become the Empress.

With the Lin Palace and the Rui Lin Army behind her, there was no doubt Jun Wu Xie was the appropriate choice.

Just that…..

No matter how the Jun Family father and son looked at it, Jun Wu Xie had no such intentions.

After the forced abdication, Jun Wu Xie had not met Mo Qian Yuan a single time.

What was this girl thinking in that little head of hers?

Jun Wu Xie had not thought about that at all, Mo Qian Yuan was just an ally in her plans to force an abdication, and a sharp blade able to protect her family. The real reason she had not gone out at all these past few days, was for none other than her little black cat…..

That day, after the little black cat had devoured the Golden Lion, it had always been listless and tired, sleeping most of the time. It was sleeping sixteen hours a day.

Seeing the little black cat like this, had deeply worried Jun Wu Xie.

Having escaped from the Jun Family father and son, Jun Wu Xie went back to her courtyard. It was high noon and the sun was blazing. Atop the stone table, curled a black ball of fur, snoring softly.

The golden sun rays shone on the sleek black fur, a slight reflection showing a tinge of gold.

Jun Wu Xie strode over and carried the black cat in her arms. Having been under the scorching sun, the black cat’s body was warm. Jun Wu Xie carried it into her room and combed and groomed its fur gently.

“Don’t feel well…..” The little black cat stirred slightly, its half opened eyes showing its discomfort.

“What is it?” Jun Wu Xie asked.

“I feel bloated, and hot.” The little black cat shifted and snuggled to find a comfortable position, but was unable to, its discomfort refusing to go away.

Its spirit in its body seemed to be burning and was on fire, and the scorching heat did not allow it to sleep well.

Jun Wu Xie frowned with worry, little black cat’s body was essentially amassed spirits, what could be making it feel like this? She checked the little black cat through carefully and only just realised that they were indoors, away from the sun. Why was the jet black fur, still slightly tinged with gold?

That shade, seemed to closely resemble the gold sheen of the Golden Lion.

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