GDBBM – Chapter 128

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Chapter 128: “This is Just the Beginning (2)”

Arriving back at the Lin Palace, Jun Xian who had been hiding his injuries collapsed. Long Qi rushed up to support him back to his room, and Jun Qing followed from the gates.

“Uncle Fu, retrieve my medical box.” Jun Wu Xie ordered with her brows furrowed. Jun Xian had gotten stronger with her fortification medicine and careful administration. Upon seeing him collapse, she could only guess at the extend of his injuries.

“Wu Xie…..” Mo Qian Yuan had many questions for Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie looked coldly at him and said: “Follow me if you want to live. Shut up or I’ll do it myself.”

“……..” Mo Qian Yuan meekly followed.

Jun Wu Xie hurried to Jun Xian’s room and performed a check up. Her eyes flared upon finishing.

“Poison.” Jun Wu Xie’s voice was calm. But it made the hearts of everyone there sink.

“I’m fine, do not worry. I made it back in one piece, didn’t I?” The wearied Jun Xian forced a smile, leaning on the bedpost, assured Jun Wu Xie.

Without a word, Jun Wu Xie retrieved the silver needle from her medical box that Uncle Fu brought in, and administered acupuncture on several pressure points. Blood darkened black flowed down the needles and dripped on the bed. Jun Xian grew more pale, his lips turning frighteningly purple.

“Will father…..” Jun Qing asked, worried.

“It’s fine” Jun Wu Xie, head lowered, continued busying herself.

As long as she is alive, not even the devil himself, can claim her grandfather from her.

The darkened blood was slowly expelled and Jun Xian lost the purple in his lips. He was still pale, but did not look as frighteningly sick.

Jun Wu Xie took out some of her fortification medicine, and fed them to Jun Xian.

Colour returned to Jun Xian and the furrowed brow relaxed, as he gained a bit of strength.

He was still weary, leaning on the bed frame.

Seeing the condition of Jun Xian improve, Jun Qing heaved a sigh of relief and asked: “Father, what happened tonight? With your skills and the guards that went with you, few within the Imperial City can be a match for you.”

The relaxed Jun Xian furrowed his brows in rage, “Lin Yue Yang was poisoned! When I found him, he was delirious. He was mumbling things about why they had to kill his family and why was he persecuted. He did not recognise me at first, and fought with the guards. I did not want to hurt him, and only ordered him subdued. Lucky for the pills that Wu Xie made me keep handy all the time. I gave one to Lin Yue Yang and he regained a bit sanity.”

Thinking back to the scene of seeing the benefactor to the Jun Family insane, Jun Xian’s heart wrenched in pain.

“When Lin Yue Yang regained his sanity, he rushed up shouting at me, to leave with my men. There are people who were using him to harm me. His whole family, young and old, died under their scheming.” Jun Xian clenched his fists, the saviour to his son, had died because of him, his entire family, not one spared, and it was all due to him.

“Just as he finished his words, he went into another bout of insanity, his body ballooned up rapidly, and blew apart. After the explosion, we suddenly felt weak, and fell off our horses one after another…..”

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