GDBBM – Chapter 127

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Chapter 127: “This is Just the Beginning (1)”

“Imperial Father, the praise is exaggerated.” Mo Qian Yuan replied politely.

“Both the Crown Prince and the Lin Palace deserve merit for today’s events. I will decide on the appropriate rewards. It’s been a long night, and Jun Xian you must be tired out. Please go rest as our kingdom cannot do without you, its pillar of strength.” The Emperor smiled kindly, but on the inside, he raged with the humiliation he had to swallow further. He had never felt such indignity and disgrace as what Jun Wu Xie had put him through tonight.

He only wanted the devil away from here and pray there will be no other incidents.

Jun Xian was in no hurry to reply but looked at Jun Wu Xie, taciturnly turning the power bring things to a close over to her.

Jun Wu Xie had calmed the malice with the appearance of her grandfather, and only the cold distant demeanor remained as she replied: “Thank you Your Majesty, but there are culprits still remaining and I would like to extend an invitation to the Crown Prince to grace us with his wisdom in discussion, on any culprits that your humble servant have missed.”

The Emperor startled again, culprits they missed!?

Jun Wu Xie had massacred many, and Jun Xian returned. She still did not back down!?

How many does she need to kill before she is satisfied!?

The Emperor was too tired to resist and could only squeeze out an amiable smile and nodded wearily.

Mo Qian Yuan walked out from the Palace and stood beside Jun Wu Xie. The events tonight had not only terrified the Emperor and Mo Yuan Fei, it had shocked him, an ally, with Jun Wu Xie’s savagery.

“We shall take our leave. Your Majesty has been subject to much fright tonight, please rest well.” Jun Wu Xie turned and left upon finishing, an air of indifference, like she had forgotten all that happened tonight.

Jun Wu Xie’s simple statement was the signal for the Rui Lin Army to retreat as they gathered and left the Imperial Palace. The people who lined the streets were full of praise and respect.

On the wall, watching the retreating Rui Lin Army, the Emperor could no longer hold down the night’s suppressed anger and fear, and a surge of blood from his mouth as attendants rushed to hold him.

Returning triumphant, Jun Wu Xie rode the black beast alongside Jun Xian’s steed. Jun Wu Yao had once again disappeared into the crowd and Jun Wu Xie could not find him.

“Grandfather, you alright?” Jun Wu Xie asked calmly.

“I’m getting old, if it was not for your meals and conditioning, I’m afraid these old bones would not have lasted till now.” The radiant Jun Xian who stood before the Palace, had his weariness showing now that they were out of sight of the people.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed.

“Long Qi!”

“Right here!” After tonight’s events, Long Qi  had nothing but respect for Jun Wu Xie. Most do not know the whole picture, but Long Qi who stood by her side throughout fully saw how everything unfolded under her control.

“Relay my order. Before the culprits are eradicated, the Rui Lin Army will garrison themselves in the Imperial City and no one is to leave, not even members of the Imperial Family! Kill anyone who defies the order.” Jun Wu Xie had just sealed the Imperial City.

Jun Xian and Mo Qian Yuan were taken aback by Jun Wu Xie’s words. They both could guess at the intentions of Jun Wu Xie but kept their peace due to the enormity of their guesses.

The matter had not ended. Jun Wu Xie’s vengeance, was just beginning.

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