GDBBM – Chapter 129

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Chapter 129: “This is Just the Beginning (3)”

After Jun Xian and his guards fell off their horses, a group of assassins rushed at them. They were defenseless against the assassins in their weakened state. All the guards were killed and Jun Xian was captured and brought back to the Imperial City.

The guards from the Rui Lin Army had followed under Jun Xian for a long time and were his comrades, and were family to him. Jun Xian mourned deeply the over their deaths.

He was brought to a dungeon, if not for Jun Wu Yao’s timely arrival, he might not have survived to see his son and granddaughter.

Jun Xian narrated the tumultuous events in an even voice…..

Though it made his audience wince at the close call.

Mo Qian Yuan being from the Imperial Family, lowered his head in shame, he knew better than anyone, the people responsible for the atrocities.

Jun Qing’s face darkened. In the Imperial Family’s attempt to eradicate the Jun Family, they had used Lin Yue Yang as bait, knowing the Jun Family would not stand by and see their benefactor die an ignoble death. The Jun Family was responsible for the tragedy of the Lin Family.

“We have implicated the Lin Family.” Jun Xian closed his eyes in pain. A military man his whole life, he had given his life to the country, the Emperor he has devoted his unwavering loyalty to, has turned out to be so callous.

The pain from his body pales in comparison to the pain stemming from the heart.

“Grandfather will be fine after a few days of administration.” Jun Wu Xie was packing up after hearing her grandfather speak.

Since leaving the Imperial Palace, she had been unusually calm.

This calmness, made Mo Qian Yuan who had seen her vicious cruelty, uneasy.

“Grandfather, Uncle, you must be tired, please rest early.” reminded Jun Wu Xie as she stood up.

“Wu Xie, wait.” Jun Xian sat up and looked at Mo Qian Yuan.

Mo Xian Yuan understood that his words were not meant for his ears and got up to leave. Jun Wu Xie stopped him, saying: “Sit down.”

Mo Qian Yuan paused, and could only meekly comply.

“Grandfather, I know what you are about to say. I was not being rash or impetuous today. I decided that people who harbour ill intentions against the Jun Family shall not live. I know you will persuade me otherwise. But forgive me for being unfilial, I will not change my mind on this matter.” Jun Wu Xie knelt by Jun Xian, her eyes determined.

She knew Jun Xian was of humble birth, but gained favour from the late Emperor to prove his mettle on the battlefield, where he gained outstanding honours. Jun Xian’s tolerance of the current Emperor time and again was his form of repayment to the favours bestowed by the late Emperor.

But Jun Xian’s tolerance does not equate that Jun Wu Xie follows suit!

Jun Xian looked in alarm at the Jun Wu Xie kneeling by his bed, and despite his weariness, He pulled Jun Wu Xie upright.

“What are you thinking!?”

“Grandfather, my mind is set.” Jun Wu Xie allowed herself to be pulled up, but she will not change her mind.

“This child….. Where did she get that stubborn streak from?” Jun Xian sighed in exasperation.

“I am persuading you otherwise because I am worried you will be at the forefront of danger, with your actions violating the powers of the Imperial Family, and bring harm to yourself. If you are determined, Grandfather will protect you at the cost of my life. You committed massacre to protect the sanctity of the Jun Family. This set of old bones might not be much, but it will shoulder the burden and not allow you, my dear child, to carry it all yourself.

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