GDBBM – Chapter 126

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Chapter 126: “Death Looms (3)”

“Silly girl.” Jun Xian walked over to Jun Wu Xie, anguish in his heart upon seeing her blood splattered dress but relieved she was safe, as he raised his hand and ruffled her hair in affection.

“Your grandfather is fine.”

Jun Wu Xie blinked her eyes, and feeling the tears well up threatening to fall, she lowered her head and pushed back her tears.

Jun Xian patted Jun Wu Xie on the shoulder and looked up the wall at the Emperor who still stood trembling. “Rest assured Your Majesty, the assassins have all been rid of, and the Imperial Palace is now safe.”

Jun Xian’s appearance had shocked Jun Wu Xie, and had the stunned the Emperor to stare speechlessly at him.

He’s alive?

“Uh…..Erm…. My beloved vassal, you have suffered. The Lin Palace has gained extraordinary merit again, and I will not forget it! Men! Covey my orders! The Lin Palace is bestowed a hundred bolts of brocade, ten thousand taels of gold, and the Rui Lin Army is to be awarded commendation for protecting me.” Irregardless, Jun Xian is alive!

Heaven knows, he might have been killed!

If not for the appearance of Jun Xian, his head would not be still attached.

The Emperor was so glad this day that Jun Xian was alive!

Before Jun Xian replied, Jun Wu Xie had regained her composure, and lifted her head to the Emperor. “Your Majesty, the credit for the events today was not due to the Lin Palace.”

“………..” The Emperor’s heart sank when Jun Wu Xie spoke, and he remained quiet.

“The successful execution of corrupt officials tonight, was due to the meticulous preparation by the Crown Prince. His highness had hidden his intelligence and wisdom all this time, to appear mediocre and unambitious, in order to catch them all unawares and secure evidence of their crimes! The apprehension of the corrupt tonight was made possible only through the unparalleled wisdom, and at the sacrifice of his image and reputation, to be misunderstood by all, in order to drive the Kingdom of Qi to greater prosperity and might!”

Jun Wu Xie had lifted the image of Mo Qian Yuan up to the skies with her statement, and not just the Emperor, even Mo Qian Yuan was caught by surprise, as both of them stood just staring at Jun Wu Xie, clueless as to what she was up to.

The glory and credit due for the execution of corrupt officials, had been handed over to Mo Qian Yuan on a platter!

“I implore Your Majesty to bestow the gifts to the Crown Prince, as the Lin Palace is undeserving of them.”  Jun Wu Xie pushed on, ignoring the looks of puzzlement around her.

The Emperor did not know what to make out of it, but to escape from the scary girl who stood before the gates, he nodded hesitantly, trying his hardest to portray a look of benevolence when he turned to Mo Qian Yuan.

“Qian Yuan, it has been hard for you these years.”

Mo Qian Yuan snapped back to his senses, trying the grasp the whole situation, and gravely replied: “It is my duty as the Crown Prince, and was just doing my part.”

“ You have done well, and you will be rewarded handsomely.” The Emperor said, with a twitch at the corner of his mouth.

Seeing the revered exchange between the Emperor and Mo Qian Yuan, Mo Xuan Fei was overcome in disgust.

Jun Wu Xie was obviously rebuilding the reputation and standing of Mo Qian Yuan among the people. When news of tonight’s events spread, his past idiosyncrasies and indulgences will be forgotten and instead remember him as the Crown Prince who sacrificed everything for the Kingdom! No one will fault him for his past arrogant and obnoxious behaviour.

That move Jun Wu Xie made was sure smooth, vicious and precise!

Things turned out beyond the expectations of everyone!

She reversed Mo Qian Yuan’s years of poor and tattered reputation to the people in one quick move!

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