GDBBM – Chapter 125

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Chapter 125: “Death Looms (2)”

“Long Qi!” There was madness in Jun Wu Xie’s eyes, her voice chilling to hear.

“I’m here!”

“The assassins have infiltrated the Imperial Palace, lead the Rui Lin Army in to save the Emperor!” Jun Wu Xie ordered with her eyes narrowed. The Emperor’s expression had told her everything.

She wanted the whole Imperial Palace buried with her grandfather!

“Order all the soldiers surrounding the guilty officials’ residences to spare none! Uproot all evil!” Jun Wu Xie’s two orders made the Emperor turn white as a ghost.

It’s over! All over!

“It will be done!” Long Qi sped off!

With two short sentences, Jun Wu Xie had forfeited the lives of the executed officials’ families, while she nudged the beast to proceed to the gates of the Imperial Palace!

I’ll kill them all!

Every single one!

The Rui Lin Army marched behind Jun Wu Xie, advancing towards the the gates. The Yu Lin Army guards tensed, nervously holding their posts. They could feel the cold menacing chill of murder emanating from Jun Wu Xie in the distance.


Jun Wu Xie was going to kill the Emperor!

“Jun Wu Xie! Stay back! You are a member of the upright Jun Family!” The Emperor blathered in horror at the sight in front of him.

“You’re right! I am a member of the Jun Family.” Jun Wu Xie lips curled at the corners, a mesmerising beauty, but now, the devil lurked under that ravishing allure.

She had crawled out from the depths of fire, to bring them all to HELL!

Grandfather! You shall be avenged!

“STOP THEM!” The Emperor screamed.

The Yu Lin Army lowered their heads and charged at the Rui Lin Army. The brief exchange only served to clearly show the disparity of strength between the two armies. The Yu Lin Army were crushed in a flash, with no casualties on the Rui Lin Army!

The citizens watching at the side were stunned, unsure what is happening.

But they still placed their trust in Jun Wu Xie, who had helped to rid them of the corrupt officials. On top of that, coupled with the high standing the people have always given to the Jun Family, the words of Jun Wu Xie must have been nothing but the truth!

The assassins must have infiltrated the Imperial Palace! The dutiful Jun Family were protecting the Emperor!

In the battle, the Yu Lin Army was utterly defeated and the Rui Lin Army advanced, battering on the gates. The wall reverberated with the impact and was felt keenly by the people atop the wall.

“Why….. Why did it come to this…..” The Emperor staggered, as his knees buckled, and was caught by Mo Xuan Fei.

The Emperor had kept aging at bay for decades, but the events tonight seemed to have made him ten years older.

It’s over, all over…..

A loud crash boomed, and the Imperial Palace gates had been breached. Jun Wu Xie’s murderous intent was at the height of frenzy. She rode the black beast, about to charge right into the Imperial Palace and exact her pent up vengeance!

“Wu Xie.” An all too familiar voice rang out. All thought of vengeance and killing, the murder and malice that was just boiling a moment ago, melted right out of her at that moment. Her head swung around.

Among the crowd, a figure standing tall and straight stepped out, the stern yet affectionate expression on his face, was just all too familiar.

Jun Wu Xie teared, rimming her eyes and blurring her vision, as she whispered:

“Grand….. father…..”

Jun Xian looked at his granddaughter dotingly, and walked towards Jun Wu Xie.

The Rui Lin Army parted without a word at the appearance of Jun Xian, heads bowed in reverence, in a show of their undying loyalty to the man.

Beside Jun Xian, a slender figure followed quietly. A wide smile hung on a devilishly handsome face. The eyes stared haltingly at the emotional Jun Wu Xie.

His little girl was about to cry.

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