GDBBM – Chapter 124

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Chapter 124: “Death Looms (1)”

There was no use crying over spilt milk, the Emperor knew, Mo Xuan Fei knew.

They could only pray, the men were slow to carry out their orders, and Jun Xian was still alive, or they would have to accompany him in death!

The cold wind blew, but it was not as cold as the chilling scene of slaughter before the people. The suffocating smell of blood churned their stomachs, this night, the Kingdom of Qi lost one third of their officials, their heads laid in front of the palace gates, in the dust.

After the last of the officials fell to the ground lifeless, Jun Wu Xie lifted her arm. The Rui Lin Army soldiers stepped back, and wiped their blades and sheathed them, but unable to wipe off the fact that those blades claimed many lives that night.

Jun Wu Xie smiled at the Emperor.

That smile terrified the Emperor as he stood atop on the wall, he was afraid of what might come after that smile and said hastily: “Wu Xie, you have done well to rid Qi of the cancer that had been plaguing us. You are most definitely a descendant of Jun Xian, the Lin Palace shall be well rewarded!”

Jun Wu Xie lost her smile and her eyes iced up in frost, while the Emperor sweated profusely under that gaze.

This was the first time the Emperor had mentioned Jun Xian to her, and she understood the underlying connotation.

Good, that was what she wanted!

The Emperor had buckled under the fear for his life, and chose to release Jun Xian.


Jun Wu Xie remained in silent expectation, not showing reciprocation for the Royal Benevolence bestowed, and sat stoic upon the black beast.

The Emperor’s face twitched in annoyance but could only swallow any rebuke he had in mind. Jun Wu Xie was not taking his word for it, she wanted Jun Xian there in person!

As the two of them faced off, the Emperor could only pray in hope that they bring Jun Xian safe and sound.

Jun Xian was the only one who could make Jun Wu Xie back down towards maintaining a harmonious relationship between ruler and vassal.

Time ticked by, as the Emperor’s sweat trickled down his face.

The hurried shuffling of feet was heard approaching from behind and the Emperor turned expectantly, his face pale as a ghost.

The eunuch sent to stop the tragedy returned huffing – without Jun Xian!

“Where is he? Where is Jun Xian!?” The Emperor screamed silently.

The eunuch was on the verge of tears, “Your….. Maj…..Majesty….. When you servant arrived there….. It was….. Empty….. O…..Only a pool of blood…..”

The Emperor almost sank to his knees at the news.


Was….. that Jun Xian’s blood!?

For many years, he had yearned for Jun Xian to be dead. With the news the eunuch brought, he felt fear like never before!

Jun Xian is dead! Jun Wu Xie will not not spare his life!

Despair fell heavily onto the Emperor, he could not turn to face out to the gates. Eyes wide with terror, sweat ran freely down his face.

Jun Wu Xie will annihilate the Imperial Palace! She will spare no one!

“Your Majesty!” The sudden cold voice inquired, like a sharp blade, which pierced his being.

“Y….. yes?” The Emperor stammered through chattering teeth, trying with all his might to maintain a semblance of composure. Jun Wu Xie must never know that Jun Xian had been killed!

The frosty gaze scanned the group huddled atop the wall.

In that moment, those eyes flared and the murderous malice that flowed unrestrained was felt by those high on the wall.

He dared!

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  1. fan63 says:

    Is Grandpa Xian really dead? Perhaps not????He is after all a warrior of the finest caliber. Perhaps he is not dead

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