GDBBM – Chapter 123

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Chapter 123: “The Art of Killing (5)”

Jun Wu Xie was determined to fight with the Emperor to the end, since she had blew matters up to this extent, there was nothing to fear.

She was already prepared to continue the massacre and cut down anything that stood in her path!

The Emperor was sweating profusely, he had really underestimated this girl! To think he was originally so naive and thought that if they had somehow managed to drag on and made it through the night, Jun Wu Xie would have given up. However looking at the situation now, if Jun Wu Xie did not find Jun Xian tonight, she would really kill everyone that she’s dragged in and fill the whole Palace with dead officials instead.

Things were critical to the point that even if the Emperor had calculated everything, they were all still useless.

He had never met such a reckless person who completely disregarded consequences in his life and Jun Wu Xie was also the most vicious and merciless opponent he has ever met.

The Eunuch who had received the new orders from the Emperor quickly rushed to stop them from harming Jun Xian while Mo Xuan Fei who had overheard everything looked at his father wide eyed, never had he imagined that his father had actually took a step back!

The Dignified Emperor was actually pushed to such a point by such a young girl, it was simply inconceivable!

“Imperial Father, how can you…..?”

“Shut up! Do you mean you still can’t see it? If before sunrise, Jun Wu Xie doesn’t see Jun Xian, she would order the whole Rui Lin Army to storm into the Palace! At that time not only you, even I, the Emperor, would be slain without any hesitation!” Just thinking about it made his scalp go numb. His robes were already soaked through with cold sweat, the brutality of this girl really made him feel fear for the first time.

Mo Xuan Fei stared at the Emperor, dumbfounded. “How could it be? She wouldn’t dare to start a massacre.”

The Emperor frowned deeply. “What do you think she’s doing now? She is warning me that she can blatantly kill so many officials in front of me, in front of a large crowd means that she does not fear anything. If she does not get what she wants, she does not mind a struggle to the death. If we kill Jun Xian, she would definitely storm into the Palace with the Rui Lin Army!

Just thinking of Jun Wu Xie’s cold stare made the Emperor shudder and chills tingled down his spine.

“Just relying on the Palace Guards and the Yu Lin Army, how are we going to withstand the torrential onslaught of the Rui Lin Army? Rui Lin Army only listens to the Jun Family, and the way she is handling it, even though she had pushed things to the extreme, but in the eyes of the common people, she has become a hero!”

“Killing people is not the scary thing but her quick thinking is, because no matter how many she kills, she is standing on the side of justice. Don’t you think that with her abilities, inciting the Rui Lin Army to cause a massacre is not possible? Don’t underestimate her just because she does not speak much, her mind and methods are nothing you can compare to even if you have decades of experience!” The Emperor was really affected by the courage and terror Jun Wu Xie had shown him.

A girl who could think of such a grand plan, a girl who used just a few words to rouse the common people hearts, a girl who just needed to give a single command to have the Rui Lin Army do her bidding…

How was he going to fight against her?

The alleged Imperial power was just a fart in her eyes.

For her to kill the Emperor was as if killing a pig, there was no difference!

The things that were restraining Lin Palace previously meant absolutely nothing to her.

The Emperor was now very worried, a devil had appeared in the Jun Family, touching them in the future was only a dream.

Thinking back, he really wanted to strangle Mo Xuan Fei alive! He and Jun Wu Xie had so much contact previously, how could he not know that she could be so dangerous!

If he had known, he wouldn’t have opened pandora’s box and would have let her into the Royal Family when she was still smitten with Mo Xuan Fei.

It was now all too late!


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