GDBBM – Chapter 1204

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Chapter 1204: “Wen Yu’s Words (1)”


“How is the Grand Adviser doing?” Jun Wu Xie asked as her gaze swept over Wen Yu’s eyes. It must be said, that Lei Chen’s skills in drawing was indeed amazing, as the person upon that portrait truly looked exactly like Wen Yu.

“I am grateful for Your Majesty’s concern. I am doing fine.” Wen Yu replied with a smile.

“Grand Adviser, have a seat.” Jun Wu Xie said.

Wen Yu sat down on one side.

“I wonder what’s the reason Your Majesty has asked your vassal to come here today? Your Majesty has just returned to the Imperial Palace and back from a war, so rest and recuperation should come first.” Wen Yu had a rather good impression of Jun Xie as he had never met such a highly intelligent but calm and cool headed youth. Even Lei Chen whom he had accepted as his disciple and had been highly praised by everyone if placed before Jun Xie, would also pale in comparison.

Jun Wu Xie looked at Wen Yu’s head of silver hair and that handsome and young countenance before she asked lightly: “How long has the Grand Adviser been in the Fire Country?”

Wen Yu was slightly stunned a moment but he immediately recovered his smile.

“Your vassal has been here ever since the founding of the Fire Country.”

The lifespan of a person in the Lower Realm was at most over a hundred years old where the further one broke through in their spirit power levels, the longer they lived. But it had already been a few hundred years since the Fire Country’s founding and unless he was a Purple Spirit, or no one would be able to live for so long.

Wen Yu did not hide anything not because he did not want to, but it was because his existence was well known by everyone under the Heavens and even if he tries to change his words, Jun Xie would not believe him.

“I have come to the Fire Country only recently and do not understand much about the Fire Country, only for the fact that it is said the Grand Adviser does not like to step out from his palace nor has ever left the Fire Country’s Imperial Capital. I am merely wondering how true that would be.” Jun Wu Xie feigned disinterest as she looked at Wen Yu, and asked in a highly nonchalant tone.

Wen Yu gave a light laugh and said: “Your Majesty really isn’t used to being an Emperor yet that you would still address yourself as “I”, but that should be up to Your Majesty’s personal preference. As for the rumours, that might be a little exaggerated. Although your loyal vassal dislikes going out, but not to the extent that I have never left the Imperial Capital. Every year, your loyal vassal would at the first break of spring when the flowers bloomed, tour the lakes to take in the sights, admiring the mountains and rivers under the Heavens on Earth.”

(Translator’s Note from Cloud: Emperors usually use zhen, one of the pronouns used to address themselves)

“Oh?” Jun Wu Xie asked with an eyebrow lifted. “I wonder if the Grand Adviser has been to the Qi Kingdom?”

The expression on Wen Yu’s face congealed a moment and the smile in his eyes faded slightly. He raised up his eyes slightly to look at Jun Wu Xie, seemingly trying to find out something from Jun Wu Xie’s face. But after searching for a period of time, he still could not find the slightest clue from Jun Wu Xie’s face.

“Why would Your Majesty be asking that?”

Jun Wu Xie replied: “I lead the army into the Qi Kingdom this time and when I captured the Condor Country’s Commander in Chief and the others, I heard something interesting. The Condor Country allied with the three other countries to invade the Qi Kingdom, not for the Qi Kingdom’s lands, but was instead merely seeking for a piece of jade. That jade piece is the Qi Kingdom’s highly symbolic Soul Jade. It seems rather strange though, that the Condor Country would expend so much effort, just for a piece of jade. Doesn’t this make the Grand Adviser think all of it strange at all?”

The smile on Wen Yu’s face had faded almost into oblivion and his attractive looking brows had furrowed together.

Jun Wu Xie observed all those reactions of his and continued to say: “I was rather baffled and I asked the Qi Kingdom’s Duke Lin about it. It seems that that piece of jade was given to Duke Lin and their founding Emperor by a young man even before the Qi Kingdom was founded. According to the description Duke Lin gave, the person who gifted them the jade piece had some rather unique characteristics. He looked every inch a young man with an highly attractive countenance, but it was not known why he had a head full of flowing silver hair. Such a description was extremely rare to hear, and among the countless masses of people I have seen, only our esteemed Grand Adviser fits that description. I wonder what the Grand Adviser….. would like to say about that.”

Jun Wu Xie’s gaze was locked unwavering on Wen Yu, the suspicions she suppressed so hard within her heart starting to boil and bubble.

Wen Yu listened to it throughout quietly, and gave a light sigh at the end.

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