GDBBM – Chapter 1203

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Chapter 1203: “The Empress of the Fire Country (2)”


Jun Wu Xie’s quick and direct agreement to it startled Qu Ling Yue’s heart. She raised her eyes up slightly and looked at the valiant and heroic Jun Wu Xie before her eyes.

Knowing that Jun Wu Xie was a girl like herself, but….. she could not change how her heart had felt in the past.

“Aren’t you going to ask me why I have chosen the Fire Country?” Qu Ling Yue asked looking at Jun Wu Xie. She had not even asked at all and had immediately agreed to it.

“Do you realize with you not remaining in the Fire Country and I become the Empress of the Fire Country, then….. I could very well hold the power to change the entire Fire Country in my hands? Aren’t you afraid….. that I might swallow up your country?”

Jun Wu Xie slowly shook her head.

“You will not.”

Qu Ling Yue’s eyes showed startlement and suddenly, upon that sweet beautiful face, a smile that came right from inside her heart broke out for the first time ever since that calamity that she had gone through.

“Your humble concubine pays her respects to Your Majesty!” She bent her knees onto the ground to pay her respects to Jun Wu Xie according to palace rites.

All that Jun Wu Xie had done, had always been to protect her. Jun Wu Xie was willing to bestow upon her all the glory, and that, was Jun Wu Xie’s way of shielding her. Qu Ling Yue knew, that the things Jun Wu Xie was going to do, were things that she would not be able to interfere with, and she was not willing to become a burden to Jun Wu Xie.

The choices that Jun Wu Xie had given to her, were paths that she had paved for her to advance.

Even without Jun Wu Xie at her side in the future, no one would be able to harm her in the slightest.

If…… she was a man….. how great that would have been…..

“Get up.” Jun Wu Xie opened her mouth to say. Before this, as she needed to rescue the Qi Kingdom, she had immediately after her ascension to the throne, hastened to lead the army into battle, and had not made any arrangements for Qu Ling Yue then. Today, since she had come back as she needed to ask Wen Yu some questions, and Qu Ling Yue had chosen to remain within the Fire Country, then she would hand to her the highest and most prestigious position of the Imperial Harem to her. Till Qu Ling Yue found someone she could truly entrust her heart to, Jun Wu Xie would always continue to protect her.

Qu Ling Yue got up slowly.

“Three days later, the ceremony to bestow the Empress to the people will then be held. You can now retire to your chambers first.” Jun Wu Xie then said.

Qu Ling Yue turned around to leave and just before she was about to step out through the Imperial Hall’s doors, she suddenly stopped in her tracks and turned to look at Jun Wu Xie standing within the Imperial Hall.

That petite figure was not even as tall as she was, but she made people feel an immeasurable amount of security.

[Thank you.] [Thank you for having been willing to save me.] [Thank you for pulling out out from the deep abyss I had fallen into.] [I have no other abilities, but am willing to see to it that before you return, I will defend and protect this empire on your behalf.]

Turning her gaze back, Qu ling Yue strode out from the Imperial Hall, her face looking into the sun, the expression on it highly determined and unwavering.

Nobody would have ever thought, many years later, the iron blooded Empress who made countless men bow in reverence to her, the Commander in Chief of three entire armies, had been born on this day, where it all began.

In the days to come, when she brought war that encompassed the entire Three Realms for Jun Wu Xie, leading an innumerable number of lions of unsurpassing powers, destroying enemies in the tens of millions, no one knew that the well known iron blooded Empress whose name rocked the Three Realms had in the beginning of beginnings, only started out doing it for the sake of one person, to defend her empire, protecting her glory.

It was not known, with this one step they took, how many lives they actually changed and affected, or altered how much of the structure the lands under the Heavens took.

When Qu Ling Yue left, Jun Wu Xie ordered for people to summon Wen Yu for an audience within the Imperial Palace. She sat alone by herself within the Imperial Hall, the thoughts that ran through her mind unending and uninterrupted.

After about half a day had passed, Wen Yu dressed in a full white robe walked slowly into the Imperial Palace. It was one of the coldest days of winter and white fox fur lined a full round at his collar. That graceful and handsome demeanor, could be deemed as unparalleled but did not bring any discomfort to people. The corners of his mouth were lifted in a smile, his silver hair falling across his back.

Seeing Jun Xie, he stepped forward and bent slightly at the hip in greeting, his eyes filled with a warmth that could melt the winter’s chill.

“Wen Yu, pays his respects to His Majesty.”

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