GDBBM – Chapter 1205

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Chapter 1205:”Wen Yu’s Words (2)”


“I have truly dragged the Qi Kingdom down.” Wen Yu said softly.

Jun Wu Xie’s heart jumped!

Wen Yu raised his head up and looked at Jun Wu Xie, the smile completely disappeared from his eyes, with only helplessness filled in them.

“Your Majesty summoned your vassal here today, and told your vassal all this, I believe Your Majesty already has some answers in your heart. I believe the question that remains is whether that jade piece was gifted by your loyal vassal or not?”

Wen Yu’s clear and direct words did not contain the slightest tinge of subterfuge. He knew, with Jun Xie’s intellect and wisdom, without complete confidence, Jun Xie would not come questioning him like this. Although Jun Xie was just merely asking, but Jun Xie would already have certain answers in mind and was merely waiting to hear him admit it with his own mouth.

“Yes.” Jun Wu Xie admitted.

Wen Yu said with a resigned smile: “It was me.”

“That piece of Soul Jade, how did you gain possession of it, or should I be saying….. that piece of Soul Calming Jade.” Jun Wu Xie asked warily, in an attempt to probe the waters further.

A look of surprise came onto Wen Yu’s face very quickly. He stared at Jun Xie in shock, seemingly never having expected Jun Xie to know about it being the “Soul Calming Jade”!

When he had gifted that Soul Calming Jade to Jun Xian and the others, he had only casually told them it was Soul Jade, never ever having mentioned anything about it being the Soul Calming Jade!

How did Jun Xie come to know about that?

Jun Wu Xie observed the reactions on Wen Yu’s face, the doubts in her heart finally being answered bit by bit. Wen Yu must have really known of the Soul Calming Jade’s origins!

“The Grand Adviser, seems to be rather surprised? The Grand Adviser must be reacting like this because I know that jade piece is called the Soul Calming Jade, or is it because….. that piece of jade originated from the Spirit World?” Jun Wu Xie asked stirring up the waters further to see what would surface.

Wen Yu’s face contorted. The things Jun Xie knew, went way further than what he had imagined!

“Your Majesty knows?”

Wen Yu’s eyes filled up with surprise and doubt.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. “I am also aware that the Soul Calming Jade was one of the magical treasures that was buried inside the Dark Emperor’s tomb.”

With those words, Wen Yu became even more startled. His eyes were fixed resolutely upon Jun Xie, trying to find something upon that tiny face.

“I am just curious why something that should be still buried within the Dark Emperor’s tomb would suddenly appear in the Grand Adviser’s hands, and why had the Grand Adviser gifted it to a comparative stranger but mere acquaintance like the Qi Kingdom.” Jun Wu Xie pushed aggressively in her probes, not giving Wen Yu any chance of escape.

Wen Yu’s lips stiffened and pressed tightly together, averting his gaze away, unable to look into that pair of cold piercing eyes of Jun Xie’s.

It was completely quiet in the Imperial Hall. The query that Jun Wu Xie had thrown out made We Yu fall into silence.

At the moment just as Jun Wu Xie intended to continue to speak, Wen Yu suddenly lowered his head and said: “Since Your Majesty knows of the Spirit World, and is aware of the existence of the Dark Emperor’s tomb, it seems that Your Majesty knows of things not just within the Lower Realm. Since Your Majesty knows that the origins of all those things are all extraordinary and uncommon, why would Your Majesty continue to probe about them? Does Your Majesty know that people who got themselves tainted in anyway with the Dark Emperor’s tomb would finally come to no good end? Your Majesty is the Fire Country’s Emperor and your vassal here is the Fire Country’s Grand Adviser. Your vassal is really unwilling to see Your Majesty becoming tainted with such things and I would implore that Your Majesty retracts the curiosity in your heart and treat it as if none of this had ever happened.”

“And if I cannot?” Jun Wu Xie’s eyes narrowed up. Wen Yu’s response had been exactly what she had guessed. He knew about the Soul Calming Jade, was aware of the Dark Emperor’s tomb, had knowledge of the Middle Realm. He was definitely not just a simple Grand Adviser as he portrayed himself to be.

Wen Yu smiled bitterly as he suddenly raised his head, at the same time revealing one hand outside his sleeve.

A ball of purple coloured flame burned within his palm!

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