GDBBM – Chapter 1202

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Chapter 1202: “The Empress of the Fire Country (1)”


The Fire Country’s army returned triumphant and the entire country celebrated. Seeing the grandiose contingent marching proudly into the city, the Fire Country’s citizens did not even need to guess and they knew that they had won another time.


Victory to the Fire Country was common like drinking water to them. To the people in the country, they never even thought what it was like to taste defeat.

Under the celebrative mood, the Fire Country’s army had in two successive battles, annihilated a total number of four million, brandishing a brand new record in the Fire Country’s history of battles, which made many of the Fire Country’s citizens literally dance with glee. This was the first battle after the new Emperor ascended to the throne and they had won so beautifully, which naturally made the Fire Country’s citizens acknowledge the ability of their young Emperor. Songs were sung and the scribes’ brushes flew to record this historic event, penning the most beautiful verses, documenting the Fire Country’s new victory into their vault of annals.


The Fire Country’s soldiers were a whole lot more subdued. Faced with all the overwhelming praises and cheers heaped upon them, they only felt a sense of guilt and thought themselves undeserving of it.

This battle, had the most number of enemies ever destroyed, but more than an entire half of those enemies had been taken down by the one lone man at the side of His Majesty.

The combined number of kills the entire army had been responsible for, was unable to compete with the single person at Jun Xie’s side. This made the entire bunch of stalwart soldiers felt their faces burn brightly, answering to the people’s words in an embarrassed manner, their ears and countenances still flushed a red shade as they returned to their barracks.

All them them had made Jun Wu Yao their idol that they would pursue after their entire lives!

The men were also all greatly humbled by the display of power by Jun Wu Xie.

[Whoever dared to despise their little Emperor for being too young, they would wipe faeces upon that person’s face!] [Would anyone have ever seen, a fifteen year old Purple Spirit? ] [If I tell you about it, it will surely scare the living daylights out of you!]

Lei Chen upon returning back to the Fire Country’s Imperial Capital, escorted Jun Xie into the Imperial Palace, while he and Lei Xi returned to their own respective palaces.

After Jun Wu Xie became the Fire Country’s new Emperor, the several original Princes were made Dukes. Lei Chen was on the side highly supportive of Jun Xie and Lei Xi followed Lei Chen in whatever he did. The highly mediocre Lei Yuan had explicitly stated that as long as he had good food and drink, and was allowed a lavish life, he would not mind who reigned as the Emperor.


Accompanying Jun Xie into the Imperial Palace, was another. Qi Ling Yue.

After the wedding in the Thousand Beast City, Qu Ling Yue had followed at the sides of Jun Wu Xie. But her personality had taken a complete change. Throughout the entire war in the Qi Kingdom, she had never once initiated a conversation with Jun Wu Xie, not even a single syllable.

The girl who had once immediately turned beet red upon seeing Jun Wu Xie, and got herself driven into a hapless fluster, had now seemingly been reborn. The tinge of naivety present in the eyes of most young and youthful girls had faded away from hers. She was like a highly stable crabapple blossom, quietly enduring and silent.

Even when the battles took place, she did not show the slightest sign of being squirmish like she had in the past, but had been stoically silent and just drew her sword to step into battle, to slaughter the enemy together with the officers of the Fire Country’s army.

At that moment, Qu Ling Yue was following behind Jun Wu Xie, walking within the Fire Country’s Imperial Palace’s compound silently. If not for the fact her footsteps could be heard, Jun Wu Xie might very well have thought that such a person did not really exist.

When they walked into the Main Palace, the eunuchs and palace maids greeted and took their leave from the two of them, leaving only Jun Wu Xie and Qu Ling Yue in the room.

Jun Wu Xie turned her head and looked at the young girl who had quietly transformed completely and said softly.

“I will not be remaining here in the Fire Country in the days to come, and neither will I be staying in the Qi Kingdom. Since we are wedded, I will take responsibility for you. If you wish, you can choose to stay in anyplace.”

Qu Ling Yue was slightly taken aback and her eyes lowered before she said: “I wish to remain in the Fire Country.”

“Alright.” Jun Wu Xie agreed, and then said: “I wish for you to be the Empress of the Fire Country, and the Fire Country’s Imperial Harem, would only be you, one person alone.”


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