GDBBM – Chapter 1201

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Chapter 1201: “The Wind Kicks Up (2)”


At the same moment that the Fire Country’s army set forth, Qiao Chu and his companions were already on the roads, on their way towards the Condor Country.

Watching the army depart, included not only Mo Qian Yuan and people from the Jun Family. A tall slender figure, was also standing in sorrow outside the city’s walls, to look at the back of the petite and tiny figure upon the tall war steed, riding right at the forefront of the entire grand army of the Fire Country.

“Lord Jue.” Ye Mei called out as he stood on one side, looking at Jun Wu Yao’s faraway gaze.


“Why didn’t Lord Jue tell Young Miss about it? Now that it is known that the Condor Country has another piece of the map, there is only one last piece to find now.” Ye Mei asked, feeling a little puzzled. His Lord Jue obviously wanted very much to go together with the Young Miss but wondered why he would always choose to leave in sorrow to avoid her after meeting with her.

The ends of Jun Wu Yao’s lips lifted slightly as he continued to stare after the tiny figure who was growing up gradually and his eyes filled up with a smile.

“Ye Mei.”

“Your subordinate’s here.”

“Do you feel, the current me, is qualified to even think of developing a relationship with her?” Jun Wu Yao said in a highly nonchalant tone, tinged with a trace of languidity, but the highly manly voice seemed to be torn up by the sound of the wound blowing past.

Ye Mei’s heart suddenly thumped heavily a beat.

He understood, Jun Wu Yao’s concern.

“Your subordinate will definitely, do everything within my power, to annihilate those people!” Ye Mei’s eyes narrowed up slightly, his eyes quickly filling up with murder that rocked the skies.

Jun Wu Yao then said with a laugh: “If they were so easily eradicated, would I need to be in this state? But this is still alright….. When the little one charges into the Middle Realm, it would be time for me to settle some scores with those old fellows. Anyway, it will be good to let them continue to be complacent for a while more, the taste of making them fall from even higher up in the clouds will be all the more sweet, wouldn’t it?” Jun Wu Yao said with a low laugh, but not a single sliver of mirth could be felt from it.

“Yes!” Ye Mei replied with utmost certainty.

“Little Xie is the most interesting person I have ever met. I am really curious to see just how far she can go. Even if I am unable to see her walk to the end with my own eyes, at least let me see her growth in this period.” Jun Wu Yao said with a laugh.

In the beginning, even he himself had never thought, that what started out as teasing, would end up with him really moving his heart.

And once he gave out his heart, it was impossible for him to take it back, and he did not want to take it back.

Like a moth’s attraction to fire, even knowing very well that he should not get close, but he could not help himself but want to get closer.

He had slowed down with the pace of his own plans, only to spend a little more time with Jun Wu Xie. He had not seen enough of her countenance, not heard enough of her voice, how could he be willing to leave?

This was the first time he had been so unwilling to part, and this amazing emotion had made him willingly put aside the hatred deep within his heart, to protect her as she gradually grew up.

Jun Wu Yao never interfered excessively into Jun Wu Xie’s affairs. Although he possessed the power to, but he had never cared to do that, because he knew, what Jun Wu Xie wanted, was never a powerful backing, but instead seeked to strengthen herself.

Only when she grew stronger herself, would it be power that gave her the biggest guarantee!

“The Young Miss, is indeed an extraordinary person.” In regards to this point, Ye Mei was highly certain. At least he and Ye Sha, when facing Jun Wu Xie, would involuntarily feel themselves overwhelmed, by Jun Wu Xie’s presence.

Although Jun Wu Xie was still not powerful enough yet, but the potential she held had been strongly picked up by their sensitive senses.

Jun Wu Yao laughed. Any praise exaggerated or not, to him, felt as if the praise was heaped upon himself as well.

“My Little Xie would of course be different from all those commoners.” He said, his tone filled with pride.

Casting a final glance at the slowly disappearing army in the distance, Jun Wu Yao’s body then shimmered, and disappeared into the wind together with Ye Mei.


(Translator’s Note from Cloud: Just thought to add a little info: Literal translation of author’s name 夜北 – Ye Bei, would be Night North, but North Night would sound a little more correct, wouldn’t it?)

Lord Jue: Ye Bei! You had better get the hell out to come right here! I already took off my shirt and you are locking me back into the little dark room! ?

A certain Author Bei: [Playing dead…..]

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