GDBBM – Chapter 1198

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Chapter 1198: “Drunk Lotus VS Poppy (3)”


After waiting it out for awhile, the room inside grew quiet. Jun Wu Xie estimated that the time was about right and she stood up to walk over, pushing the door open.

Upon opening the door, the scene that burned into her eyes, made her become speechless another time.

She saw the topless Drunk Lotus stradling over Poppy, one hand gripped upon Poppy’s clothes collar. Pinned down upon the ground, Poppy was looking highly disheveled, pieces of his fiery red robe scattered around him, a stark contrast against his pale skin, and long black hair that lay strikingly upon the floor.

That scene, looked just too devilishly ambiguously shady.

“Huh? Drunk Lotus, this is just really….. Ahem.” Having been ravaged by Drunk Lotus before, the little black cat had upon witnessing that scene, showed a knowing look on its face that said “so it’s that kind of relationship, I see”.

“No! ! Wait! Hear me explain!” Drunk Lotus suddenly realized the shady way they both must have looked with him locked in that position with Poppy and he immediately wanted to get up to rebut.

In the end, before he could even stand up, a attractive looking hand with long slender fingers suddenly held the top of Drunk Lotus’ pants and pulled him back in position!

“What? Not going to continue? I am really looking forward to it.” Poppy said, smiling sinisterly at Drunk Lotus, the corners of his half narrowed eyes looking highly devilish, the lips curled up deliciously.

Drunk Lotus blew out a breath in exasperation as he fell back into a straddle over Poppy and he immediately exploded in rage.

“Great lord! Just stop it already!” As he spoke, a rage filled fist with its explosive power was immediately swung towards Poppy’s attractive looking face!

Poppy received the full brunt of that punch, his face suffering some scratches. His red tongue licked at his broken lip, and the smile on his face split wider.

“The taste of Drunk Lotus is still as brutal as ever! !”

“…..” Drunk Lotus lost his mind! !

[Sick pervert!]

Seeing that Drunk Lotus was about to grab at Poppy to give him another brutal thrashing, Jun Wu Xie finally spoke out.


With one word from Jun Wu Xie, the two blooms immediately quietened down, Drunk Lotus was still in a rage as he stood up from Poppy, not forgetting to deliver a sharp and incisive kick into Poppy. However, Poppy seemed not to feel any pain as he climbed to his feet smilingly.

Jun Wu Xie realized the hierarchy of things here. Poppy was a scoundrel and bully before Little Lotus, and before Drunk Lotus, he became a masochistic scoundrel…..

“If you want to be my ring spirit, I have no objections. But I need to know how you can function, as I do not keep useless things with me.” Jun Wu Xie said, taking a seat on one side, as she glared coldly at Poppy.

Compared to the timid Little Lotus and the brutal Drunk Lotus, Poppy would be a highly thorny ring spirit to have.

Poppy asked with a smile: “I wonder what kind of functions does Mistress want to know about?”

“Your innate ability.” Jun Wu Xie answered.

Poppy spread his palms wide open and a green fruit roughly the size of a pigeon’s egg appeared within his hand. Completely different from the seeds of the Imperial Snow Lotus, the fruit that Poppy brought out was green, and there seemed to be a thin layer of frost covering over its surface.

“This is the fruit of the poppy and if Mistress wishes to gain control over anyone, this will grant you your wish. But….. this thing must not be used on people Mistress cares about. Although it can control a person’s consciousness, but the toxicity contained within it is also highly lethal. By the time its effects fades away, that person’s life would likely come to an end as well.” Poppy said with a evil chuckle, as if death to him, was merely an interesting game to him.

“If it is said that the main use of the Imperial Snow Lotus is to save people, then my function would be to harm people.”


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