GDBBM – Chapter 1199

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Chapter 1199: “Drunk Lotus VS Poppy (4)”


“If it is said that the main use of the Imperial Snow Lotus is to save people, then my function would be to harm people.”


Poppy’s entire being, including his fruit and the fragrance emanating out from him, were all lethal and deadly, to the point that his appearance anywhere heralded the arrival of death.

And he was able to control that fragrance, to specific targets, for his fragrance to take effect. That sort of selective control, made it a more domineering ability than the Imperial Snow Lotus’ fragrance.

If he wished, he could even make his fragrance overpower the Snow Lotus’.

The poppy flower that existed to destroy, could easily become a person’s nightmare.

That killed people with formless poison.

Poppy slowly expounded on his abilities and halfway through the presentation, he suddenly rolled up his sleeve, to expose his arm.

He stretched out his other hand, and with his sharp nails, he gave the skin on his arm a violent scratch.

The next moment, a white milky liquid spilled out from the wound, to drip upon the floor.

A sizzle sounded!

A small part of the hard marble stone at her feet corroded under that white liquid, a plume of faint smoke rising off the floor from the corrosion.

An eyebrow of Jun Wu Xie’s face lifted. Poppy was truly filled with pure deadly poison throughout his entire body. Poppy as a ring spirit was slightly different from the poppy flowers she had encountered in her past life, at least the sap from regular poppies did not contain such highly corrosive properties!

“Is Mistress satisfied with your spirit’s abilities?” Poppy asked with a tilt of his head, as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Jun Wu Xie nodded slightly and stretched her hand out to pick up the fruit in Poppy’s hand.

Looking at the fruit, Jun Wu Xie suddenly seemed to remember something in her mind and she immediately pulled out the ancient texts within her Cosmos Sack. Those books had back in Ghost City, been purchased under Little Lotus’ prodding. It recorded several methods of cultivating plants and after Jun Wu Xie realized that those texts contained records on the way to cultivate the Imperial Snow Lotus, she had come to arrive at a rather accurate conclusion on the true purpose of those books.

It could very well be, that the plant varieties recorded in those texts, were all plant type ring spirits!

Jun Wu Xie remembered when she had been flipping through those books, although she had never seen how poppy flowers looked, there had been a picture that looked very much alike this fruit from Poppy.

As expected, after Jun Wu Xie flipped through those books to search for it, she found the part that spoke about the fruit from the poppy flower.

But it was different from the Imperial Snow Lotus. The planting and cultivation of the fruit of a poppy flower would not yield one a complete poppy bloom, but would cause the fruit of the poppy to become more toxic, to the extent that one would only need to bury it into the ground, and water with poison, it would then cause an entire piece of land to turn into a highly poisonous swamp!

The fruit of poppy was truly a killer.

Jun Wu Xie kept the fruit of poppy away carefully after having gained a basic understanding of Poppy. In regards to more of what Poppy was capable off, she would find out about them slowly in the days to come.

Afterall, when Little Lotus introduced himself in the past, he did not mention that he had brought together with him, Drunk Lotus.

Who knew whether Poppy also had a hidden hand.

“That will do.” Jun Wu Xie raised her eyes to look at Poppy, and Poppy smiled back. Raising his arm up to press it against his mouth, the wound on his arm quickly closed.

“My wounds can only be healed by my own saliva and only I can touch. If any living thing touched it in the slightest, it would immediately lose its life, but for spirit bodies, they do not have to worry.” Poppy said smilingly.


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