GDBBM – Chapter 1197

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Chapter 1197: “Drunk Lotus VS Poppy (2)”


Poppy watched Jun Wu Xie’s actions carefully, an ominous feeling slowly creeping into his heart. He had wanted to say something but a frosty glance from Jun Wu Xie immediately made him clamp his mouth shut. He could do nothing but stare silently as Jun Wu Xie carried the urn of wine to walk over to the bed, and reached a hand out to drag Little Lotus, who was hiding too ashamed to see anyone, out from under the blanket.

“Boo hoo…..” Little Lotus’ face had turned red from crying, almost turning into a wilted flower.

“Mistress….. Boo….. Hoo…… Everything….. had been….. fully exposed…… Woo…..” Little Lotus wanted to continue to lament on his pitiful plant life but in the end, Jun Wu Xie raised his chin and lifted the urn of wine up.

The wild fragrance of the cool clear wine was poured continuously down Little Lotus’ throat. His short stubby arms flailed wildly and his already reddened face from crying took on a brighter flush under the influence of alcohol!

The eyes on Poppy that were staring at Little Lotus looked rather strange as he watched Little Lotus emptying the entire urn of fine wine. While the little one sat unsteadily upon the bed, Poppy silently stood up from his chair, his long slender legs striding straight towards the door…..

“Where do you think you’re going?” Suddenly, a voice filled with an explosive rage sounded from behind Poppy.

Poppy’s body stiffened and when he turned around, he saw a topless Drunk Lotus, sitting on the bed while staring at him through narrowed eyes, with a leg raised up that was stepping on the bed’s edge.

Jun Wu Xie carried the empty urn and moved to stand on one side, casually dumping the wine urn aside and crossed her arms over her chest, to calmly observe through the brewing storm, where she saw Poppy’s face beginning to turn an ugly shade.

“Haven’t seen you for a long while.” Poppy said with a smile as he looked at the highly drunken face of Drunk Lotus.

“Although it’s been a long while, but we seem to somehow end up meeting each other.” Drunk Lotus said as he clasped his hands together, casually cracking his finger joints, that made clear and crisp crackling noises.

“Hur…..” Poppy gave a helpless laugh.

Drunk Lotus suddenly leapt up from the bed, his youthful slender body had from his drunkenness, caused his originally fair skin to take on a slightly pink tinge. His slender upper body of a youth, however did not give out the slightest feeling of frailty or weakness, as he rushed straight at Poppy, like a bolt of lightning!

The fiery red figure of Poppy immediately wanted to escape, but was firmly grabbed by Drunk Lotus!

Jun Wu Xie walked quietly along the side, and she scooped up the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit who had been frozen in its spot together with Lord Meh Meh who was still hiding in the corner to go outside. As she stepped over the threshold, she still lifted a foot to pull the door closed behind her.

Suddenly, a series of highly chaotic sounds of fighting came floating out in an incessant stream, a flowery fragrance tinged with the scent of wine wafting out through the narrow slit between the room doors. Jun Wu Xie sat leisurely upon the stone bench in the courtyard to watch the tightly shut doors, while Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit were pressed right against the doors highly curious, peeking through the tiny slit, in an attempt to see what was happening inside the room.

The little black cat lay calmly upon Jun Wu Xie’s shoulder, not showing the slightest interest in the petty quarrels between flowers or beasts, putting up a lofty front.


[Poppy’s innate character isn’t too stable, you really want him to remain?]

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes lowered. [Poppy seems to be highly dangerous and his character evil. But it is exactly due to his unique characteristics that he will be of great use in many instances. Without mentioning others, just the fragrance of the poppy flower alone, would in the instance of a big scale battle, have an extremely big effect. The ability to numb and weaken the bodies and nerves of people just through his scent. Such a kind of poison, is truly a great ability that is almost impossible to defend against.]

Moreover, she really didn’t know of a ring spirit that could be chased back into the Spirit World by his owner.


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