GDBBM – Chapter 1196

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Chapter 1196: “Drunk Lotus VS Poppy (1)”


“Noooooooo…… Boo hooooooo…..” Little Lotus’ pitiful cry almost tore off the roof.

Poppy’s sinister looking eyes were narrowed, the corners of his mouth curled up in an evil hook, the finger hooked around the strap pulling upwards slowly. But just as the knot was about to come undone, his gaze suddenly turned to see Jun Wu Xie standing at the door.

“…..” Poppy’s head raised up, his face looking slightly surprised.

Jun Wu Xie’s eyes swept over the entire room, and the faint scent of poppy mixed with the fragrance of lotus wafted into her nostrils.

Looking at Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit lying upon the floor weakened without any strength in their limbs, Jun Wu Xie’s eyes then lifted up, to look straight into Poppy’s blood red eyes, and an eyebrow on her faces twitched.

That slightly chill gaze, made Poppy suddenly realize his new Mistress’ displeasure. He immediately raised his hand and with a wave, the faint scent of poppy that was mixed in together with the fragrance of lotus immediately disappeared without a trace. Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit lying upon the floor immediately discovered that the strength that they had lost had once again returned to their bodies and the two adorable beasts shot to their feet in an instant with a swoosh!

Lord Meh Meh rammed his head right into Poppy’s abdomen and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit watched for the right timing before it slipped its two paws around Little Lotus’ arms and tugged sharply downwards.

The two adorable beasts moved in perfect coordination, attempting to rescue Little Lotus from the evil claws of Poppy.


The strap of Little Lotus’ bib was still hooked around Poppy’s finger and with that sharp tug from the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit, as Little Lotus’ tiny figure came tumbling off Poppy’s leg, the knot came fully undone…..


With a splat, Little Lotus fell sitting on the floor, and the red bib he wore on his body came falling down through the air to finally fall onto his short legs.

With a noisy clatter, it could be seen under that red bib, a mess of different knick knacks had piled up to scatter widely all around, lying on the floor in all directions around Little Lotus.

Seeing the little bib fallen upon his fair and stubby leg, the only piece of garment affording Little Lotus that little bit of modesty, which at that moment made him…..

The little toddler upon feeling the chill upon his exposed chest, stared blankly as he sat on the floor, his large eyes brimming up with tears again, as he froze in that spot.

[He…..] [He…..] [He can’t face anyone anymore! Waaaaaah!]

“WAAAAAH! ! !” Little Lotus picked up the bib and climbed to his feet, sobbing as he ran to jump and bury himself under the blanket, to shake and shiver between his sobs.

[They’ve seen everything!] [It is just too humuliating! !] [Failed to rescue the flower, and had caused the flower to be exposed instead…..]

Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit blinked their eyes, still in a slight daze.

Poppy raised up his hand rather sheepishly, his face highly earnest as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

“You can’t blame me for that. I did not do it. It was those two little fellas who wanted to protect the little idiot that caused it.”

Although, truthfully….. He had had that intention in his mind, but Jun Wu Xie’s sudden appearance had given him no choice but to stop what he was doing, and it was those two dumb beasts who had wanted to protect the idiotic flower, but had ended up helping him do it instead.

“Meh…..” Lord Meh Meh climbed down slowly from Poppy’s legs looking highly sheepish as it trotted on its hooves tapping upon the floor to skulk into a corner, its head facing the wall and showing only its round fluffy behind to Jun Wu Xie.

It put on a “I don’t know anything, I didn’t do anything” demeanour.

The Sacrificial Blood Rabbit just hugged its big floppy ears and buried its face into them, a literal and classic case of covering one’s ears to steal the bell. (Translator’s Note: Chinese idiom. Thief covers his own ears while stealing a bell thinking no one will hear the bell ring when he doesn’t hear it)

Jun Wu Xie was speechless…..

She walked slowly to the cabinet at the side and took out a large urn of fine wine.

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