GDBBM – Chapter 1195

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Chapter 1195: “Post-War (4)”


Jun Wu Xie added: “I asked my Grandfather how the Soul Calming Jade had come into his possession and had already gotten Lei Chen to show him a portrait of Wen Yu where it has been ascertained to be the correct person.”

“You are saying….. the Grand Adviser Wen Yu, had gone to the Dark Emperor’s tomb?” Qiao Chu asked with wide disbelieving eyes.

If Wen Yu had really gone there before, then wouldn’t that mean that he knew the exact location of the Dark Emperor’s tomb? Even if they did not possess the map, they would still be able to locate the place the Dark Emperor’s tomb was!

Although the maps gathered in their possession was almost about to be completed, but if they found a person alive who had been to the Dark Emperor’s tomb, that would be much better than anything they had achieved so far!

“I cannot be sure, and am just making a guess. Hence, I need to make a trip back to the Fire Country, and have a chat with Wen Yu.” Jun Wu Xie said calmly. At present, the clues she had on hand were inadequate for her to arrive at a definitive conclusion, but nevertheless, the possibility was very high.

If Wen Yu had truly been to the Dark Emperor’s tomb, the by hook or by crook, she would persuade Wen Yu to bring them to the location.

“If that is the case, you should then go back. As for the Condor Country, the few of us here will first go scout out the situation, and after you have asked Wen Yu, we can then plan the next step for us to take.” Hua Yao said in a prudent tone as he looked at Jun Wu Xie.

Wen Yu could possibly turn out to become another opportunity for them, but they would still not give up on a map they already knew the location of. In order to avoid any unexpected circumstances, they would pursue both the two lines of information they had.

“This can work too. I am guessing the news of the Condor Country’s defeat still had not made it back to their country and we should take the opportunity to infiltrate into the place to catch them unawares. If it was dragged for too long and the Condor Country realises that their allied armies had been defeated in the Qi Kingdom and had even gotten themselves implicated with the Fire Country, they would definitely be frightened into taking action.” Qiao Chu said with a nonchalant shrug, showing his agreement to Hua Yao’s suggestion.

Jun Wu Xie was slightly concerned and her brows came together in a slight frown. All their missions before this had been carried out together and she had some misgivings about splitting themselves up like this.

“It will be alright, leave the things with the Condor Country to us. Don’t worry, we are going there to merely scout out the situation and without absolute confidence, we will not make any moves rashly. We will definitely wait till you come and you need not worry so much.” Fei Yan said reassuringly immediately upon seeing the furrowed brows on Jun Wu Xie’s face, knowing exactly what she would be thinking.

“All of you be careful.” Jun Wu Xie reminded, still feeling a little worried.

“Do not underestimate us.” Qiao Chu said with a laugh as he patted Jun Wu Xie on the shoulder.

After the discussion among the few of them, they decided that they would temporarily split two ways. Jun Wu Xie would return to the Fire Country with the army and find out from Wen Yu about the origins of the Soul Calming Jade, while the other five consisting of Qiao Chu and the others would go to the Condor Country first to assess the situation.

The companions then dispersed after that. Qiao Chu and the rest immediately made preparations for them to make their way to the Condor Country.

Jun Wu Xie remained temporarily in the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City and after the situation in the Qi Kingdom stabilized a few days later, she set off leading the army back to the Imperial Court!

After the discussion with Qiao Chu and the others, Jun Wu Xie went back to her room.

She had just pushed the door open to enter, when she was met with a scene that immobilized her.

Little Lotus had tears streaking down his face as he was held face down by Poppy upon his leg. Poppy’s hand with its long slender fingers was holding on to the end of the strap on Little Lotus’ back for the bib that little toddler wore, the tip of Poppy’s finger curled up in a hook, looking fully intent to undo the knot, his face contorted up in a wide and evil grin, completely oblivious to the trauma Little Lotus was under, seemingly finding it all highly amusing to him.

Lord Meh Meh and the Sacrificial Blood Rabbit had all their four limbs shaking, trembling by the side of Poppy’s feet, with Lord Meh Meh’s mouth even chewing on the hem of Poppy’s pant leg!

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