GDBBM – Chapter 1194

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Chapter 1194: “Post-War (3)”


“Before going to the Condor Country, I need to make a trip back to the Fire Country.” Jun Wu Xie told them.

“Go back? Why?” Hua Yao asked in puzzlement as he looked at Jun Wu Xie. On the way here, they had all prepared themselves to continue with the search for the next map after the war had ended, and have Lei Chen lead the army back. Why had Jun Wu Xie suddenly changed her mind?

“I need to go back and look for a person.” Jun Wu Xie said as her eyes narrowed.


“Wen Yu.”

Jun Wu Xie’s reply made several of the youth’s faces twist up in bewilderment. They had not interacted much with Wen Yu and even when Jun Wu Xie ascended to the throne, Wen Yu had only made one single appearance then.

“What are you looking for him for?” Qiao Chu asked, scratching his head in bafflement. Although it must be said that the Grand Adviser Wen Yu was indeed highly good looking, but….. he always made made feel rather distanced.

“When the Qi Kingdom was founded, there was a piece of jade called the Soul Jade.” Jun Wu Xie started to explain as she looked at her companions.

“This, I had heard of before. Isn’t it said that the jade piece has now been separated into two?” Fei Yan quipped.

Jun Wu Xie nodded. “In the beginning, the reason I had gone to the Qing Yun Clan had been because of this Soul Jade. At that time, the envoy from the Qing Yun Clan wanted to take the Soul Jade away from the Qi Kingdom, but one half of the piece had been buried together with my father. At first, in order to ensure the Qi Kingdom’s safety, my grandfather had dug up the grave to unseal the coffin, thinking to retrieve the half piece of jade. But when the coffin my father lay in was opened up, they discovered to their surprise that my father’s body, who had been deceased for many years, was actually still preserved in perfect condition. That piece of Soul Jade….. Or to put it more accurately, is a magical treasure from the Spirit World, called the Soul Calming Jade.”

“Soul Calming Jade! !” The eyes of Qiao Chu and the other companions flared wide. They had never in their minds ever thought that the highly symbolic jade piece of the Qi Kingdom could actually be linked to the Middle Realm.

“The Spirit World is somewhere within the Middle Realm but its exact location is not known to us. In actuality, what we know of the place is only about the Twelve Palaces and the Nine Temples while knowledge of the Dark Regions is limited only to what we heard from our elders before. People in the Middle Realm had told us in the past that the Middle Realm consists of One region, Four sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces. But a pity the One Region and Four Sides was too remote for any of us then. If it is now said that the Soul Jade is truly the Soul Calming Jade from the Spirit World….. Then all that we have concluded with our reasoning would then be fully negated.” Hua Yao said, his brows furrowing up tightly.

Back then, the Dark Emperor unified the Middle Realm and he seized all magical artifacts from the Four Sides, Nine Temples and Twelve Palaces and gathered them all within the Dark Regions, and the Soul Calming Jade as a prized magical treasure of the Spirit World would naturally be among them. But when the Dark Emperor fell, all his prized treasures were sent into the Dark Emperor’s tomb, including every single magical artifact he had seized from the entire Middle Realm.

Based on reason, the Spirit World’s Soul Calming Jade should have been buried together inside the tomb, hence….. how had it come to end up in the hands of the Qi Kingdom?

Could it be, besides their respective parents, someone else had gone into the Dark Emperor’s tomb in those years? And had even managed to bring out a portion of the magical artifacts buried in there? !

That line of reasoning made all the youths in that room suddenly fall silent.

If they were to reason it out based on the time it had happened, the Soul Calming Jade had fallen into Jun Xian’s hands before the Qi Kingdom was founded, and at that time, their parents had yet to discover the location of the Dark Emperor’s tomb which meant that artifacts couldn’t possibly have been brought out by their parents.

“Could it be that someone had already discovered the Dark Emperor’s tomb very much earlier? Wu Xie, you said you are going to look for Wen Yu, don’t tell me…..”

A startling thought suddenly formed up within Fan Zhuo’s head.


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