GDBBM – Chapter 1193

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Chapter 1193: “Post-War (2)”


After the war, reconstructions called for large amounts of finances and manpower to support the effort but the Qi Kingdom’s treasury had already been depleted during the war. Expecting the country to take out an amount of money in a short period of time that was sufficient to restore their entire lands filled with desolation in the aftermath of war would pose quite a bit of difficulty.

Jun Wu Xie took out all the banknotes she had on her while Lei Chen and Lei Xi made donations in their personal capacities.

Very soon, the Thousand Beast City and the Zephyr Academy had also separately delivered large amounts of money and resources as well. The huge assistance from the two major powers had really shocked quite a large number of the population.

The people across the lands had not been aware that the Thousand Beast City and the Zephyr Academy had any ties with the Qi Kingdom.

Unknown to them all, all of that had been the effects that came from the relations that Jun Wu Xie had established in the past year. The help she had unconsciously rendered, the people she had saved without realizing, had been highly grateful, and they had now turned their gratitude into material goods, and sent them all to the Qi Kingdom.

The Qi Kingdom was finally freed from their predicament, and the entire country celebrated.

However, Jun Wu Xie’s heart was still weighed down by another issue, and she gathered Qiao Chu and the others together.

“You said that there is a map in the Condor Country as well?” Qiao Chu had just received the news from Jun Wu Xie and he had come rushing in a hurry with the others from outside to the Lin Palace. They had been helping out in various parts of the Imperial City in the past few days and they had not been idle for even a single moment.

Jun Wu Xie nodded her head, and she told them everything that Lin Xiao had said before he died.

Hua Yao’s face was solemn as he said: “If we are able to get our hands on the map in the Condor Country, we will possess six pieces of the human skin map, and we will only be two pieces away from gathering the full and complete set of eight maps.”

After they succeed in getting the map from the Condor Country, towards their unveiling the secrets of the Dark Emperor’s tomb, they would only be two maps away.

They had thought that the map gathering process would be very long and endless and they would never have thought that they would after merely a year’s time, have gathered more than half of them. They could almost begin to see, the Dark Emperor’s tomb that was hidden at the bottom of the Heaven’s End Cliff, revealing its true face gradually under that blinding white mist.

At that moment, the several youths found their hearts filling up with excitement. Opening the Dark Emperor’s tomb, and acquiring the magical treasures of the Middle Realm, where they would then gain power to go against the Twelve Palaces, to finally be able to avenge the long held grudge for murdering all their parents!

“The Condor Country had mobilized a good half of their army in the recent campaign and they would have insufficient soldiers in the country now. Should we just bring our men and charge right into them?” Qiao Chu had become mesmerized with grand scale wars after this, the battlefield that belonged only to the brave, where the incited passion in the heart could be released and given vent in hot blood.

Fan Zhuo however, shook his head. “We can’t. If we attack with the army, not only would time be delayed, we might highly possibly push them too hard into a corner, and with the known collusion with the Twelve Palaces, we cannot be sure whether they would have established a constant form of contact with the All Dragons Palace. If we attacked them with troops, the moment we step past their borders, they would then be immediately alerted to react. If they did not have sufficient military strength to rely on, they would definitely seek help from the All Dragons Palace, which would only bring more trouble to us.”

Although the might of an army was great, but the target would inadvertently grow as well, unlike if they were to move on their own, they would be able to avoid some of the eyes and ears of the Condor Country, to gain direct entry into the Condor Country’s Imperial City, straight to their target.

Their gathering of the maps in secret must not be leaked as once the Twelve Palaces were alerted to it, the companions would immediately be thrown into a highly passive state to defend themselves.

“Then it will just be the few of us, which wouldn’t be the first time we are doing it.” Qiao Chu said with a guffaw, both his hands crossed behind his head.

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