GDBBM – Chapter 1192

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Chapter 1192: “Post-War (1)”


Jun Wu Xie had mentioned to them about plant based ring spirits before which gave the two men some ideas to make a rough guess about it, but they they were sensitive enough to not probe her further on it. No matter what it was that Jun Wu Xie possessed, as long as it didn’t harm her, they wouldn’t mind it.

After Jun Wu Xie concocted the brews, she made the two of them drink it, and with a period of further nursing, all the remnants of poppies would be completely cleared.

In the end, Jun Wu Xie was in no hurry to leave, but went on to make some elixirs and emptied out her entire stock from her Cosmos Sack to hand them all to Jun Qing, for him to distribute them to the more severely injured soldiers.

Mu Chen and Mu Qian Fan came over to see Jun Xie as well. They did not know Jun Wu Xie’s real identity but they were highly familiar with Jun Xie and they came and met with the disguised Jun Wu Xie.

The two men were highly moved by the people of the Qi Kingdom through this war and Mu Chen had even stated that he was willing to retract the conditions with his promise to Jun Xie and remain in the Qi Kingdom for good and reside in the Lin Palace. The scene on the day the city had fallen and the soldiers had died in selfless sacrifice had left a deep and indelible mark on his heart. The three words Rui Lin Army had shocked him in a way he had never experienced before and he was willing to give his life for an army like this.

Even Mu Qian Fan had initiated to volunteer himself to join the Rui Lin Army. He did not want to remain being a guest in the Lin Palace. He wanted to be a member of the Rui Lin Army and did not want to be protected by the Rui Lin Army soldiers in battle anymore!

In regards to the requests by the two people, Jun Wu Xie was grateful to them, but she did not agree immediately but instead told them to discuss the matters with Jun Xian.

The Rui Lin Army had lost more than half their numbers and to that army, it was a setback that was of an unprecedented level, but Jun Wu Xie believed, the Rui Lin Army’s spirit had infected many people. As long as the three words Rui Lin Army had not been wiped out from the world, then it would never disappear, with the soldiers who died, would have their will inherited by the people whose lives they had saved.

Not mentioning anything else, but at present, with the war just ended and the people still recuperating, many youths from all parts of the Qi Kingdom had rushed to the Imperial City, with just one wish!

To become a member of the Rui Lin Army!

In the war, they had been shielded and protected by the Rui Lin Army. The soldiers who had died on the battlefield had ignited the hot blood in the hearts of the youths and they wished to be able to defend their country in the days to come, just like their benefactors had, to defend their lands!

More and more youths were pouring into the city but no one would have the time to bring them into the army at this point of time. Those youths had then on their own initiative gone to various areas, to reconstruct the Rui Lin Army’s military camps that had been trampled and wrecked by the flames of war, bringing restoration to the torn and broken Imperial City.

[The Qi Kingdom, will never perish!]

Jun Wu Xie and Mu Chen joined hands to compound and produce elixirs, feeding the need for medicine just after the war. Immediately after the flames of war subside, there was a good possibility that a plague might spread, and in order to try to control the situation, the two of them had seemingly locked themselves up within the pharmacy, sending out cartons and cartons of elixirs, to be distributed to various places.

The soldiers of the Fire Country had not given much of a reaction towards their Emperor staying put within the Imperial City for an extended period of time, as after having interacted with the people from the Qi Kingdom’s Imperial City, they had grown to like this tenacious and indomitable little country, to the extent that many of the Fire Country’s soldiers, had already grouped together and mingled amicably with the Rui Lin Army’s soldiers, where they even asked for some instructions on the Rui Lin Army’s battle tactics and the training the did.

Because of Jun Wu Xie’s one word of alliance, it had drawn the two countries closely together, and with this one alliance, it had laid the first stone on a path of destiny where a tumultuous chance that would soon be seen, that would encompass the entire face of the Lower Realm in the near future!

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